Kitty Air Choices

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Well mom has decided we are really moving to Mousiapolis. And she is REALLY stressing over getting us there. She will NOT check us on an airline, that is not an option. All of the major airlines have a policy of only one pet in the cabin at a time, and that wont work, we are a pair. And she is trying to avoid driving. Does anyone know of any other flight options, any private pilots that do pet flights where mommy could be in the cabin with both of us?


  • Elizabeth HarneyElizabeth Harney SalinasMember Posts: 61
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    NORMAN BATES & VLAD TEPSE SPEAK NORMAN SPEAK Hello meeewwwwwws to all, this is a topic of MAJOR interest to Us Owner is planning to re-locate furrrom Australia to Canada & like everthing else he does OUR needs & interests come FURRST. VLAD SPEAK Hey Fat Boy you realize Owner is going to have to pay triple excess fair to get your fat littl carcase on the plane? NORMAN SPEAK Vladdles stop interupting I'll come & wash your ears soon VLAD SPEAK HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTT NORMAN SPEAK Ok now after reading Kitty Air Choices our Owner has been muttering bout purchasing two seats seemed odd to us there is only one of him [ unfurrrtunately furrr all other Cats ] but then he said if he did this possibily he'd be able to have us BOTH in cabin with him, it might cost more money BUT Owner dont want us seperated or away furrrom him any longer than need be, he's also been looking at airlines in America & Canada & is now puzzled cause so furrrr he has found NO refurrence to only allowing one pet at a time in the cabin. VLAD SPEAK You know Fat's I heard Owner say last night that though he doesnt want to if he has to he'll sell his car to pay furr our extra seats. NORMAN SPEAK Yes Vlad I herd him say that also. NORMAN SPEAK Vladdles & I are going to PURRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT to Owner, we will check back soon to see what everfurrone thinks & are there any Canadian Cats who would like to mewww with Us? Norman & Vlad.
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    My people found United allowed more than one pet in the cabin during flights. During their flights to Hawaii (we don't go), my people have seen up to four pets on the plane in the cabin. The most recent of those flights was last fall and there were two dogs (separate travelers) on the flight. I've been across the continental US and along each coast a few times over. Some larger flights, some puddle jumpers. All on United (or Ted). I wasn't always the only pet in the cabin on some of those flights. That was a couple years ago but maybe things have changed since then. Hope something gets worked out.
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
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    Chessy, I don't think it's necessarily the case that they only allow one pet per cabin. But they only allow one pet PER PERSON flying. So, if your mommy can buy 2 seats and maybe have a friend come along you could both go. I think for some of the smaller planes they allow only one pet per cabin, but that shouldn't be the case on big big birds. But I think you should just be a big boy and get in the c-a-r! *headbonk*
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    We are going by car, but wanted to clarify, the airlines do limit the number of pets per CABIN not by passenger. If they have more than their limit (varies by airline) they will not allow more even if they are with unconnected passengers.
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    Some flights allow more then one cat, but only one per person. My mommy's friends had a friend of theirs fly with them so that all 3 cats could be in the cabin, because checking cats is kind of scary. I flew on United before without a problem, so just shop around and see if you can get a friend to fly with you so both your kitties can ride in the cabin.
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    PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT MURRRRRRRRRRRRRT MR NORMAN BATES & MR VLAD TEPSE MEOOOOOING NORMAN SPEAK Tahkns all furrrr yourr inpurrt plese excse spelling but Owner jsht fed Us double helpurrring of Tuna & Cat Nip OHHHHHHHHHHH NIP ISHHH NICHE VLAD SPEAK Yes PLEASE excuse my disgusting Furrriend NORM SPEAK FURRRRIEND?????? ohhhhh Vladdles VLAD SPEAK Go & sleep it off fat Boy, NOW that he's out of the way furr a bit Owner had sort of been thinking about trying furr two seats but was not sure if it would be possibile now he knows it is As we are only Cats & dont furrrly understand all this it gets difficult at times now Owner is trying to find out furrr certain what type of Cat Cages are needed & though he is almost certain that as long as we are vacinated [????? remempurr we are just Cats afurrall} at least 4 months befurrr leaving we will be OK Owner DOES worry bout Us wE KNOW We'll be ok its him We are worried about NORM SPEAK Hey Vlaffels wash yorrr all merrring bout ?????? VLAD SPEAK Ohhhhhhhhhhhh He's waked up again so I'll go see if I can shut Him up to all our Furrr Friends out there THANKS & we will check furr your answers tomorrow MEOOOOOOW Mr Vlad Tepse
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