You know you are a catster addict when........



  • LilyLily BranfordMember Posts: 23,556 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 September, 2007
    Mom just read a newspaper article about people using special computer programs to spy on family members\' computer use. She says, \"You know you are a catster addict when this makes you think of whether you would be embarrassed to have your family know how much time you are spending on Catster!\"--MOL!
  • Tiffany McConnellTiffany McConnell OmahaMember Posts: 30,862
    edited 15 September, 2007
    Human finally feels normal :))! She relates to everything in here!
  • Elizabeth ClarkeElizabeth Clarke BerkeleyMember Posts: 1,818 ✭✭
    edited 15 September, 2007
    :))! I agree, Cheyanne -- you cats sure know how to make my mom feel normal! Mom adds: -- When your cat gets more email than you -- When your cat goes to more social events than you -- When you call your parents on a Saturday morning to say hi, and they ask what you're doing that day, and you tell them that your cat is going to a party with a bunch of other cats, and they ask, "How is Jubilee going to get there?" and you have to explain (for like the fifth time) about Catster, and there's this long pause, and then they say, "Well, you always did have an active imagination..."
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 16 September, 2007
    Ooooh. I\'m glad we are not the only kitties who have people thinking our mommy is crazy for writing in the first person....\"as a cat\". :)) One website (louisvillemojo) our mommy was a member of for years had a group of mean people (mommy thought they were friends) find our catster diaries and they posted parts of them for everyone to see. Lots of people were laughing at mommy and saying some really hateful things. It didn\'t bug mom too much until they got to Chloe\'s diary and posted it. Even though it\'s been two years since Chloe got her wings, mommy still misses her and people laughed at her. Now they are all using MOL and some other \"not so nice\" versions of that in their forums :(( Mommy was really active in the group and well respected for her animal rescue in one of the areas, but they changed it and won\'t let adoptions be listed anymore:? Then they made fun of mommy, so she left that place. Thank cat we feel right at home here on Catster. Mommy says if this makes her crazy, then she\'s really happy and proud to be crazy. ;) Purrs, Jack
  • BruceTheBossBruceTheBoss Winslow, BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 37,079 ✭✭✭
    edited 16 September, 2007
    Jack, that is terrible, we feel so bad for your Mommy, that really upset us. Your Mom is now amongst the best friends you could ever want to find, and they all have that one very very special thing in common that nobody can ever take away :D Oh and Mum just loves being crazy :))

    Bruce The Boss

  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭
    edited 16 September, 2007
    It's nice to be able to go someplace where you can relax and be a little crazy along with everyone else, isn't it? Ditto to just about everything mentioned here. I caught myself twice this weekend about to sign an e-mail with "Purrs." And yes, my cats are more popular than I am and have a better social life. :))!
  • BruceTheBossBruceTheBoss Winslow, BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 37,079 ✭✭✭
    edited 19 September, 2007
    Your Mom chats to a friend on MSN she hasnt spoken to in a while and who is NOT on Catster, and she says "Hello long time no meow" and then has to try and worm her way out of it by saying "oh I am just feeling in a silly mood" :)):)):)):)):))

    Bruce The Boss

  • Claire AbelClaire Abel VallejoMember Posts: 19,753
    edited 21 September, 2007
    Jack - that truely is awful! I am so glad you are here and a part of this wonderful Catster family that we all belong to! Also wanted to say this topic just cracks me up...I love it!:^:
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