Pill giving - PLEASE HELP!

Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
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Hi, Mooch and Chami's mom here. Cham sprained her wrist a few days ago (an accident that happened after her spay, trying to get out of her e-collar while at the vet) and is now in a cast. She has been taking antibiotics since yesterday (to be given for 5 days). I have to go on a business trip tomorrow for three days. My mother is going to babysit Mooch and Cham with her two kittens (their other brother and sister) in her apartment downstairs (I always have weekend business trips, so they do overnights almost every week). I had my mom come to give Cham's antibiotic to her tonight so that she could learn how to do it......but it was an absolute no-go. Does anyone have any quick suggestions on what I should do? I told the vet that I'd be out of town and that Mom possibly wouldn't be able to get the pill in, and the doctor said in that case not to give the medicine and not worry about it. (The two girls will go to get their stitches out on the day I come back, so they will check Cham's leg then.) So of the 5 days (morning and night doses), Cham will have finished 2 days worth by the time I have to leave. I know the doctor said not to worry about not giving medicine, but I can't help but think that finishing antibiotics would be important. What do you suggest me to tell my mom to do? I live in Tokyo, so I won't be able to buy any kind of special hide-the-pill kind of treat. Any advice would be grately appreciated.


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    From behind, sort of get the cat between your legs, firmly grasp head and with gentle pressure crane head back, firmly but gently separate the mouth and toss pill in all of the way back, hold mouth closed and massage throat. I am going to post a link where a lady does this, she does it on a table, however and I find it easier to do on the floor. Sort of using my thighs to hold the cat as well. CLICK HERE
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    Hi, and thank you for your response. I'm sorry, I mean, I know how to give Cham her pill. But my mom can't do it. If anybody has any suggestions on any alternative method to doing it - putting it in tuna juice and hoping she laps it up? Something that my mom could do. Sorry for not being clear.
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    It depends on the pill. Mom has had some success crushing some pills and adding them to my wet food, so that I lap them up without even knowing. But they have to be pills that have no coating. One time I had worms and she had to give me this pink pill, and the coating gave the **** away so much (both in taste and visuals) that I went on a wet food strike! :-O Mom basically had to take me to the vet so I could be pilled. The vet techs took pity on mom and did it post-haste, at no charge. What they used there, something that mom threatens to look into buying for the next time I am being a pain in the butt (nooo! ::o), is a pill gun. It\'s like a syringe, but it has a little plastic platform with an opening at the end that holds the pill, instead of a needle. With that, all you need to do is grab the cat, stick the chamber in her mouth, close the mouth shut, and just push the piston so that the pill is delivered to the back of her throat, so that she has no choice but to swallow. It only costs a couple of bucks to get at most pet stores, which is why mom wants one. :((
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    Boris, >and the coating gave the **** away so much MMAO! Cham's antibiotic is halved and doesn't seem to have a coating. I think Mommy might call the vet tomorrow morning to see if it's all right to crush the pill and sneak it in some wet food. I guess it's a better idea than making a tiny hole in a Greenies treat and stuffing it in there. Though Cham generally eats those things without really chewing on them. :))!
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