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Jennifer FalveyJennifer Falvey Member Posts: 249
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I live in a small tiled-floor apartment with one dog and one cat. The cat, a rescued stray, has the most erratic sleeping patterns I\'ve ever seen (and I\'ve owned many cats). It almost looks like she has seizures or convulsions as she sleeps. This wouldn\'t be a problem, but she is forever falling off of furniture onto the tile floor. I have a few rugs under/near the places she typically falls, but they wouldn\'t prevent injuries. She falls at least once per evening. Has anyone heard or seen this happening? I worry that some day she is going to fall and break her neck or a bone or two.


  • Rosemarie ChociayRosemarie Chociay Southern New JerseyMember Posts: 151 ✭✭
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    We have never seen it before, but perhaps a trip to the vet to make sure it is not a problem would be wise.:-k Good Luck with your new kitty and we hope you are able to find out what is going on soon. Love, Diana (Nanners)
  • Denise GraysonDenise Grayson BothellMember Posts: 2,468
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    I am not sure about the sleeping but with the falling does she also have problems when jumping up on the furniture? Or swaying when walking? Have you had her very long? You may want to take her to get a check up at the vets. She may have a neurological problem.
  • Jennifer FalveyJennifer Falvey Member Posts: 249
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    Actually, she does have a problem with jumping up on furniture/windowsills that should be easy for her. I\'ve had her over a year and her most recent kitty physical was about 4 weeks ago. The vet said she was healthy, but then again, I didn\'t mention the sleeping habits (or the jumping issues, which I never thought of as a problem before). Is there a certain neurological issue you were thinking of?
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    yeah but if it has been four weeks it may not be it. Shortly after mom brought my brother domino home (kitty before me) he suddenly had problems jumping, his hind end seemed to move differently then the front and soon after had problems controling his bladder. He also would lick things like metal and the paint on the wall. We later found he had the dry form of FIP which is very difficult to diagnosis because it effects the brain. Now that is not saying that she has FIP. More often then not when the signs start to show they go downhill pretty fast especially the dry form. But with having a problem with balance and the sleeping it sounds like something that can be neurological. I would at least call the vet and tell them about the falling and sleeping. It could be she is having little seizures in her sleep and ask them if she should come back in for a look or if she was healthy enough when they saw her. If it was happening when you had taken her in I would tell them that too. I recently had vet visit myself and got my shots. Now a few weeks later mom found a lump on my butt, so now it is back to the vet for me tomorrow. Mom has calmed down about it a little since it seems it is not as big as it was a couple days. She is hoping it is not just her imagination.
  • carolyn nassifcarolyn nassif Member Posts: 116
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    Sounds neurologic. Does her head bob around at all? I would suggest a trip to the vet and also yearly exmas are very important even though kitty seems healthy. Heart and lungs should be listened to yearly, plus a palaption of the belly and thyroid gland.:) www.cathealthnurse.blogspot.com
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