How fast do crystals develop?

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Leggs is a stray I am working with. He was neutered and vaccinated last Thursday. He spent the weekend inside in his own room and used his box really well. Sunday night/monday morning he became very anxious to go outside and clawed at the door and cried all night. Monday morning he was let out of the room to explore and peed on the bathroom rug. He is used to being outside and is adjusting to the other kitties so I just figured it was territory marking. He was then allowed back outside. He is now coming in and out. I watched him pee and poo outside yesterday. Last night he wanted inside so he came in about 9 and stayed the whole night. This morning he had breakfast and used the box to pee then went back outside. I cleaned the box right away and he peed a regular amount. When I went out to see him he was going around trying to squat but nothing happening. It looked more like he was squating to poo than pee. I don't know if this should be a concern yet since I only saw it once. He acts fine and normal. Diego was watching him the whole time so maybe he was just freaked out because of that?? We are working on trust issues so I don't want to have to cage him to take him to the vet unless I have to. Thanks and sorry for the long post.


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    Hi there - I didn't see your post until just now. You may check with the vet since he just got neutered. It could have something to do with that and not crystals. Peeing outside the litter box doesn't concern me as much as it would if he were an indoor cat, but he's still getting used to one. But if it looked like he strained outside, it may be worth checking out. Sorry Leggs! I'm glad you have that nice woman to take care of you!
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
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    Thanks for the response Binks. We are going to go ahead and call the vet. Last night he seemed fine. He ate and drank water. I didn't see him strain anywhere but also didn't see him pee. He spent another night inside in his room and happily went out this morning. I noticed right before I left that he peed on the blanket on the ottoman where LuLu had been sleeping the night before. I really am inclinded to think it is more territorial than medical but I want to be sure. He really doesn't like LuLu so maybe that is why he peed there.
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