Can\\\'t pick a shelter cat.

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My family is wanting to adopt a new cat and have seen three females that they want to get from the Bartlett Animal Shelter. A year old grey tabby named Tippy, an orange and white tabby named Cutie that is about 5 monthes, and a black kitten the looks a lot like me who is only about 7 weeks named Katherine. The humans were going to get the kitten on Thursday but they have now they are unsure. So I turned to Catster to help out with the decision. And if you don\'t know how to help at least Bump the thread so it stays HOT!!! untill Thursday. PS You can find all the cats at under Bartlett Animal Shelter And then use the names to find them.


  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Sight unseen, I'd say go with the 5 month old. A year old cat is about your age, so you might have a bit of a conflict initially trying to establish top cat. And the 7 week old is probably gonna be able to find a home much easier than a 5 month old cat, because she would have that "tiny size=super cuteness" factor going for her. Besides, she might be too fragile to play with you right away, so your meowmy would have to keep the two of you separated a lot, at least until the 7 week old kitten catches up a bit in size and can hold her own during rough play. OTOH, a 5 month old is young enough where she might get along with you pretty well, but not try to compete with you too overtly. She'll be a bit smaller, so she won't be intimidating to you, but she'll be big enough where she might be able to rough and tumble with you pretty easily during play. That said, I don't know your personality, and that would be key when introducing a new cat. You want to go with one whose personality works well with yours. If you are timid and very easily intimidated, pick another mellow cat or else you might feel like you're not safe in your own home, and if you're outgoing you can go with pretty much any cat who is not more outgoing and attention seeking than you are (because otherwise you will start getting jealous when another cat is getting more attention). As for gauging the shelter kitty personalities? Tell your meowmy to go back and visit again to talk to the staff/volunteers in the cat nursery, and ask them what they can tell you about each cat that could help you make a decision based on what you know about yours. When meowmy was gonna adopt me, my sister was friendlier, but meowmy talked to my foster mom and decided that I'd be a better fit for her (I was her first cat, so she wanted a cat who would not be a handful - Well, I am a handful sometimes, but I try to give mom a break as much as I can ;))
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    I usually say go with the older cat as they will have the hardest time finding a home.
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    Yeah the humans have been leaning towards the older cat because the normally do have more trouble finding a home. The year old cat had a kitten with her when they found her and Boris(sorry if that is the wrong name) since you seem to know alot about cats and give alot of good advice do you think that could keep her nicer towards me. Also all except the kitten appear to be calmer than me but I came from the same place and know hw boring it was too sit in those cages.
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
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    Any cat with a laid back or…friendly personality will be glad to welcome ANY age kitty into their home. Don’t let the age of the kitty stop you from taking it home. If you have a well-mannered kitty, it will know right from wrong. I usually end up bringing tiny ones into the house (purely by chance finding stray kittens), for example Dusty was 3 weeks old when he met Toby. Mia was about 4 weeks old when she met Toby and Dusty. By 5 weeks I felt that the little one was safe with the others because I know my boys are gentle natured. Toby is nurturing and constantly grooms the others. He was actually very curious about Dusty because he was so small. He took to Dusty quickly and found him to be a cuddle buddy rather than someone stealing his space. Your decision should be based on your feelings about your cat's personality. Try to find a cat with a similar personality as Stormy, the shelter should allow you some time to check out the kitties. But don't expect them to like each other the first few days, or even the first week. Your older cat is going to hiss a lot and tell it who the boss is and that's perfectly fine. Personally, I think it looks like your family could use some bright Orange and white colors!! :))
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    Okay so here is what has happened and I will tell you why we chose the kitten. So we were going to get Tippy the Grey Tabby except when we called on Monday afternoon she had been taken we hope and not put to sleep. But more tham likely she was taken by the people looking at her when we did so this is good news. And like you said Peanut we need more color in the family except the Meowmy crossed her off the list because she really wants the kitten because "its just like Storm". I told her what you guys think and The orange Tabby was crossed off her list for whatever reason. But thanks for the advice Luka, Boris, and Peanut. =;
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    Ok I'm the new kitten thought I'd let you three know.
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
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    Congrats! We're just happy that a kitty found a home. Especially one w/ a furry family to play w/! Are you keeping her name? =D>
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    We want something that starts with S like Storm. So we were thinking Sabrina or Star. She is now at home and Storm does not like her that well he thinks he has been replaced but Boots is okay with her and Brittany loves kittens so she has been really happy to have another kitten at the house. I am also happy to say that all the cats we were wanting have been adopted which made the whole family happy. We asked about Cutie when we got there today and were happy to know that Tippy and Cutie have been adopted and so has little Katherine thanks to us. And like I said before I thank you all for the advice. Also I am thinking of starting a name forum so if you have any ideas tell me what you think there.
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    That's wonderful news! Congrats on adopting! Another cat saved makes my day...|^|
  • alyssa elkinsalyssa elkins east brunswickMember Posts: 169
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    Congratulations! I just wanted to comment here and say that if you're ever unsure about adopting which cat or kitten to go for the friendliest one. The one who comes right up to you for loving and petting and purrs under your hand and rubs its head against you for more affection! A cat like that will give you years of love!
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