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So what are you doing?

Missy HartleyMissy Hartley Mobile/AlabamaMember Posts: 26
edited 24 October, 2007 in Laws & Legislation
Hey! Buffy here, my mom is an advocator by nature...she has always been a donator the aspca and other animal cruelty prevention organizations, as well as other issues she feels strongly about. Our question is, how are you getting involved?! We all know we love our kitties, but what unique ways are you getting involved in your community? We think this will spark motivation in other catsters to do the same or think of another way to help out the pet community! Lets us know! We want to give each of you a puuurrrrfect pat on the back!


  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 17 October, 2007
    We are writing letters and calling DAs before hearings in animal abuse cases we learn about. Granted, we can\'t keep up with all of them, but mom picks really big ones and speaks up! Please refer to the thread in this forum about writing letters in the Texas case. We need everycat to help make sure Patterson gets the max. Purrs, Jack
  • naomi codynaomi cody Charm CityMember Posts: 537
    edited 18 October, 2007
    i've been trying to volunteer at an animal shelter. for some reason in my area by public transportation they're far away. i have to work around my son's school schedule:))! i'm also trying to get a paying job at a vet hospital. so i keep trying. KILLER & SPIKE's mommy
  • DONNA KELLY-BIRCHDONNA KELLY-BIRCH kenoshaMember Posts: 1,018
    edited 18 October, 2007
    Mama volunteers for the local no kill cat shelter. She is on the Board of Directors, works at the adoption center 5 times a month, is at Petco for adoptions most weekends, and fosters many, many kitties in our home. I try to be nice to the foster kitties, and I also have a Catster group called Foster Families Forever. I encourage anyone who not only fosters but volunteers with cats in any way or works at a vets office to join. We are all cat lovers here, and I would encourage anyone to take that a step further and help out in some way with the animals. If you have no time at all, a donation to your local shelter would be appreciated. Lives are depending on you!!
  • Missy HartleyMissy Hartley Mobile/AlabamaMember Posts: 26
    edited 19 October, 2007
    You guys are awesome! I have lots of ideas for things that we can do to help the community. We have a several pet stores that do adoption days, we will go volunteer! Keep up the great work!
  • martha ciatteimartha ciattei Member Posts: 3,158
    edited 19 October, 2007
    =D> EXCELLENT question!!!! It is not enough to feel sad or get angry. We must act! We have been writing letters and contacting DA\'s in high-profile cases as Jack has. We also were able to contact the family of a young man who had a video of himself abusing the family cat, get the ASPCA to the house, and have the parents know of his abuse and get him help. Now one thing meowmy wants to do is go to the battered women\'s shelters in her city and find out if they allow pets, and if not, why not? And give them info on why it is better to allow pets in these shelters: In a national survey of 48 domestic violence shelters: 1) 85.4% women disclosed animal abuse 63% children disclosed animal abuse Only 13 of the 48 shelters asked about pets 2) 88% of homes with abused/neglected children also have abused/neglected pets 3) 18 - 48% of battered women have delayed leaving an abusive home, or have returned to their batterer, out of fear for the welfare of their pets or livestock Does it make sense then to allow pets in the shelters? :? Another idea we had was to prepare \"factsheets\" on the link between animal abuse and human violence for groups that deal with children: PTA\'s, church groups, Big Brother/Big Sister, homeless shelters, the police, prosecutors, anyone else we can think of! It is NOT just boys being boys when an animal is abused. In the school shootings between 1996 - 1999, 5 out of the 11 perpetators had abused animals, many of them bragging about torturing them. Of all the crimes young people commit, animal cruelty is known to be the BEST predictor of future crimes. So there are many ways to get involved and fight this terrible tragedy, and I\'m so glad you asked the question!! I\'m looking forward to what others have to say. Unfortunately, we won\'t be out of a job anytime soon.... :((
  • Michele AshleyMichele Ashley Chattanooga/HixsonMember Posts: 3,161
    edited 19 October, 2007
    I work with amelia and Jack on abuse. Right now I am researching the link between child abuse and animal abuse. Momma also has been a foster momma and she makes snuggles for our local shelter.
  • Missy HartleyMissy Hartley Mobile/AlabamaMember Posts: 26
    edited 21 October, 2007
    You guys rock! If you ever need help doing research let me know, I am in. We have gotten so many great ideas on how to take action in our city to stop abuse not just against animals but against all living things! Hopefully the more people we inspire to act against abuse the quicker abuse rates will lower! Thanks guys keep up the great work!
  • edited 21 October, 2007
    How we get involved? We spay and neuter all of our animals and convince others to do the same! We also sometimes donate toys and good quality cat/dog food to the local shelters.|^|
  • Becky KrailBecky Krail Walnut CreekMember Posts: 69
    edited 24 October, 2007
    Our mom signs petitions and trys to get involved and follow up in as many animal abuse cases as possible-in particular, the ones no one else seems interested in just so it gets out there. She donates to our local no-kill shelter Helping Paws and also gives money and supports in various other ways Amerian Humane (noted for their work on the link between child and animal abuse), ASPCA, HSUS and Alley Cats. She tries to help local homeless animals in any way possible and wants to volunteer as well. Her dream job is to become a lobbyist and speak out against animal abuse.
  • Monique ReeceMonique Reece CoronaMember Posts: 775
    edited 24 October, 2007
    We sign the petitions, email our local and state legislators, and sometimes we call them too. We have a phone company that doesn't charge you if you call your congresspeople in Washington DC, so if we learn about something, my mama is on the phone to them. We also sponsor animals at Best Friends, and we pass on the emails we get from them. One of our mama's friends is a crazy animal lady too, and they share information with each other and act on it.
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