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Mom says that in about a month we will be moving from our apartment to a house. She is worried about how I will handle moving. What is the best way to help me adjust? When should they take me to the new house, before or after everything is settled in? (We are only moving a few minutes away, the house is in the same town.) I have lived here since Mom adopted me when I was 2 months old. Also, Mom and Dad want to get me a big sister and they were wondering how long after the move they should wait? Any advice would be great.


  • Giniene RaymondGiniene Raymond FultonvilleMember Posts: 673
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    Aragorn, we just moved, TWICE in 3 1/2 weeks. Our new house was not ready so we had to have temporary housing in between. You are lucky you are not moving far away, we had a 2 1/2 hour ride, which was very stressful enough on the 4 of us. What mom did with us is she had to lock all of us in a room, with our litter pans of course, while the moving men were moving all of the stuff out of the house. We were the last ones to go, all together in a dog cage in Mom's car. When we got to the new home, mom put us again, in a room with our litter pans, food and water, while the moving men were moving the stuff in. Your mom may want to come in and visit you while this is going on, but it could be dangerous if you are a door runner. Once all of mom's stuff is in the new place, mom can come in and comfort you for a while. Since it was late, our mom just stayed in the room with us all night and in the morning she opened the door to let us explore when we were ready to come out. Charlotte actually squeezed herself between the bottom of the door and the floor to get out, you think she was ready? At that point, mom just opened the door and we came out on our own. If possible, try to make the room you are staying in the room where your litter box will be so you can find it easier since your scent will already be in that room. If not possible, let mom just leave the litter box in that room for a few days or until you are able to find the other one on your own. Any room with boxes piled up should be closed off to you until you are certain of your surroundings. We have been here 2 weeks today and are loving every second of our new home, there is so much more trouble to get into! Your mom will know when you are comfortable enough to get a kitten. Once you are running around like your old self and get around the new house like you own it and pay the bills, you are all ready for a new companion. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!
  • Regine MelinRegine Melin BrooklynMember Posts: 281
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    I would suggest that you get some Feliway spray. It will help reduce the stress of moving. Once in the new house they do have Feliway plug-ins that you can place around. Other than that I'm afraid I'm of no use since I've never been through a move. Good luck!
  • Karlee UrbanoskiKarlee Urbanoski CalgaryMember Posts: 85
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    We just moved yesterday from a two bedroom apartment to a two storey house! The cats were really stressed out when the movers came. I had put them in our empty bedroom and when I would check on them they were hidding in the bathroom! After everything was settled in and the majority was unpacked I went and got Charles & Scruffy. I put them in a sparebedroom for the night with their litter box and beds, they were pretty weirded out. Then in the morning I opened the bedroom door and let them look around. It took them the whole day to be relaxed. Good luck!
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
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    Aragorn, I had a similar circumstance last year, when we moved about five miles from our old home. My human let me stay in the bedroom until the very last minute, then moved me to the bathroom with my cozy stuff. Then, since she didn\'t have too much stuff (just an apartment\'s worth of stuff), she let me stay at the old place for about two hours, while the movers brought our stuff into the new apartment. So I wouldn\'t get too nervous, she also left me the radio, with my usual station playing. Once all the furniture was in, she set up my litter box at the new place, and knowing how much I love to nap on her bed, she made the bed with the sheets that had been on the bed in the old place, so they smelled like both of us. Then she came back to the old place to pick me up. I have to admit that as soon as she let me out of the carrier at the new place, I found someplace to hide, but she fed me there and stopped by a few times to say hello and pet me. At around 2 a.m. I decided I needed her, so I meowed really loud and she came to find me. While I was nervous that day and night, I felt better in the morning and started exploring. So, yes, moving is a little nerve-wracking, but it\'s not so bad. Good luck - I\'m sure you\'ll love your new place!
  • Robyn LesoskyRobyn Lesosky CincinnatiMember Posts: 5,076
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    You're lucky to not have moved very far or to be moving very far. Last year Mommy and Daddy moved my sister and I from Ohio to Louisiana, and then it was supposed to be Louisiana to Florida but then we went back to Ohio. Mommy says we were fine once we came out of our carriers and got to sniff around and get familiar with our surroundings. She also suggested maybe having a toy or something you're familiar with to have with you. Best of luck with your move!
  • Nancy RNancy R Member Posts: 63
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    I moved a few months ago and so did my brothers. I moved a lot with my mom so it wasn't so bad. The new furniture was set up here and then I was moved in but i hid under the couch for a couple of days. Our old stuff was moved in over a weekend and then I was ok. I came out and explored. Then my new brothers Cosmo and Kramer moved in about a week later along with more furniture and stuff from daddy's old apartment. They never moved before but were fine. We were all separated from each other at first in different parts of the house. Kramer hid behind the futon for a few days but Cosmo settled right in. I guess it depends on the personality of the cats. Kramer explored more slowly, while Cosmo ran all around right away. I hid for the first few days and then came out and explored and it was all good. When we all first met there was a lot of hissing though. We play fight now mostly, though sometimes Kramer and I get really mad at each other.
  • Diana MertensDiana Mertens Warner RobinsMember Posts: 5,435 ✭✭
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    I've moved a few times, (one move was a 20-hr drive) and I say it's best to make your humans get everything settled in fur-st. That way, you have your stuff with your scent on it, and you feel better.
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    I'm moving soon too! My mommy's packin up and moving us (herself, me, and that annoying dog Tia) to Calgary! It's a 4 hour plane ride so I'm moving in at the same time as all our everything is going to be crazy and unorganized..I've moved once, but it was an easy move...but this time will be biiig..and I'm not much for toys, so the only thing mommy can think of is to have my blanket in my carrier.. Hopefully the new house will have lots of places for me to hide away from all the chaos! :( Let me know how you handle your move!!!
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    Kiara, I hope your move goes well. I lived in the same house for nearly 15 years and my family moved. I pouted for awhile at the old house while everything was moved a little at a time. I hate seeing suitcases but they took me with them this time! After we moved, my mommy kept me in her bathroom for a couple of weeks. I found a nice shelf that was all mine. At night I slept right between her feet for comfort. Mommy never forced me to venture out and she kept my food and litter box handy. She gave me lots of cat treats. The painter mommy hired liked cats and would let me out of the bathroom during the day because he felt sorry for me. I was much happier after the old furniture came back out with my smells on it. Mommy kept the blinds open a lot for me to look out. I am now much happier here and more involved with my family (when I'm not sleeping, of course!). Good Luck!
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    My little brother Lucky and I have moved six times since I was 7 (about 8 years ago). We like new surroundings. Especially NOW! We've got hardwood floors to slip and slide on :) And it's REALLY big so when mother throws our toys they go far and we get lots of exercise that way! What we don't like is when mom goes away. She spent two years in Kuwait about six months after I moved in, then two years in Korea about a year after Lucky came to live with us and then spent a year in Bosnia....sooooo, as you can probably guess it's much better to move than stay behind without our mom. Good luck on your new move and don't worry too much.
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