Cat Trapped and Euthanized, Owner thrown in Jail when Confronting Trapper!!!



  • Linda MorganLinda Morgan Member Posts: 387
    edited 28 October, 2007
    Now Veggie keep us updated ya hear? Wether it is in your journal or in a post! We are purring like mad for your justice. Maybe we should start a catster group or a petition?
  • olivia qaderolivia qader Member Posts: 20
    edited 29 October, 2007
    Things like this get mommy so upset and mad, she really wants to skin these people slowly. They are so sad. And i thought cops were supposed to save lives not throw them away. the trappers should have been arested! dont you think? and the cop should have his job taken away, what a discrase to nice cops
  • Desma JonesDesma Jones Member Posts: 318
    edited 29 October, 2007
    It is not against the law to trap cats, but it is against the law to dispose of them cruelly. Mom's lawyer is really getting pissed the more she is finding out about things. The people who trapped Mr. Vegemite paid the shelter extra to "have him taken care of". Also, the policeman that threatened mom and said, "if that cat came into my yard, I'd shoot it in the head with a 22", the lawyer found out that the policeman made a mistake in his facts and it was NOT Mr. Vegemite that was the rouge kitty that was causing trouble but the policeman jumped the conclusion and didn't listen and came to mom's and was abusive anyhow. Even though mom filed a complaint against the police, nothing happened and he got away with it, (only for right now) The animal lawyer told mom to file a complaint against him so that after the harassment charges are "dropped" which is going to happen, the animal lawyer will take it from there. We appreciate all the prayers of victory and justice for my poor Mr. Vegemite. I am being very, very patient, allowing things to fall into place and things to be played out. Our lawyer said that these people need a lesson taught and that WILL happen. For right now, they live down the street and give mom smug looks like they have gotten away with something. Boy are they going to be shocked later on! I am going to get the media involved too. I have just been keeping a "low profile" for right now. Mr. Vegemite sent me a gift to help heal my broken heart, a bunny rabbit, a mini lop named Hunny Bunny! I have never had a bunny before. I litter pan trained her at six weeks and she uses all the cat litter boxes too. She is adorable and all the kitties love her and play with her and big Baby, grooms her and licks her. She is very spoiled and she plays chase with the kitties and they run up and down the hallway playing with one another. Even Love Muffin (butt Muffin) has come to enjoy her!
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
    edited 30 October, 2007
    So glad to read the Mr. Vegemite will finally have justice done!! We could not believe it when we read that the people "gave the people at the shelter something to "get rid" of the cat". Please do keep up posted, and so glad Mr. V sent you that sweet bunny. Emma, Louis, Benny Grunch and Pete Fountain
  • Desma JonesDesma Jones Member Posts: 318
    edited 30 October, 2007
    Here is great news, Mom finished court today on mom\'s so called a Harassment\" charges. She got a continuance with a dismissal. All she has to do is pay $180 in court costs and get an evaluation for \"anger management\". Mom already has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and has post traumatic stress disorder because of abuse. She has never physically violated any person. She is all bark and no bite. The animal lawyer told mom to get in touch with her after how the harassment turned out. So, it looks great and lets us all pray that the lawyer will take the case and teach these people and that one bad policeman a lesson. The animal rights group can have the money. All mom wants is the $1000 she had to spend on the lawyer. We don\'t want to make money off of Mr. Vegemites suffering. Put the word around and if you want to email the animal lawyer to encourage her to \"kick ****\" mom will give her name to you. Her name is [email protected] Those people who paid extra to have Mr. Vegemite put down, they are very smug and unrepentant and drive past mom smugly. If they came over and talked to mom and confessed that they made a mistake and was so sorry, mom would understand. We are ALL humans. ALL humans make mistakes. In three months they have made no attempt to act with any class.
  • Desma JonesDesma Jones Member Posts: 318
    edited 1 November, 2007
    [IMG][/IMG] Here is the official response for my filing a complaint against the Woodland police officer Terry Casey for threatening saying "If your cat came into my yard, I'd shoot it in the head with a 22". I am not surprise at Gilliepies investigation outcome. I was told in town by citizens that he was not an upright good honest officer. I had to file a complaint at the request of the lawyer to get things started. I hope that you can read it and I posted it alright. There is a second page that has just a couple lines saying that the investigation is now closed.
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