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The best Water Fountain?

Jess KJess K Member Posts: 539
edited 7 November, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Hope this is the right place to post this...Jasper has been having peeing issues that may be lower urinary inflammation disease [see health post]. The vet reccomended a fresh water fountain since I'm pretty sure Jasper doesn't drink enough. Those that have a water fountain which do you use? How'd your cats react/adjust? I want something that will be fun and encourage him to drink more. Thanks for all your help!


  • emily toddemily todd Member Posts: 64
    edited 1 November, 2007
    my kitties really enjoy drinking from a running faucet. i don\'t really like to leave the water running all the time, so i invested in a pet drinking fountain. i just ordered it last night, so it hasn\'t been delivered yet, but i thought i would tell you that i got a good deal on one that i ordered off of i checked ebay too, and they had some. they can be really expensive, so if you decide to get one, maybe you would want to check out some of those websites first! i think the one i got is the drinkwell pet fountain. good luck |^|
  • Judy LinJudy Lin New YorkMember Posts: 33
    edited 2 November, 2007
    I've had the worst luck with fountains for Daisy. After trying Petmate (which broke after a month), the Catit fountain (I thought the filters gross after a day)and the Petmate Platinum, I highly recommend the Petmate Platinum. I find it's easy to clean, stays clean up to a week and Daisy loved it the second the water came streaming out.
  • Sarah AshmiSarah Ashmi Member Posts: 1
    edited 2 November, 2007
    The catit drinking fountain is wonderful. It looks really cool and Layla really does drink from it. She also enjoy\'s pawing at the water! Best of all, it\'s easy to clean and it\'s cheap!
  • Barbara LindellBarbara Lindell Sunnyvale, CA/San Francisco, LMember Posts: 544
    edited 3 November, 2007
    Hey Daisy, Just wanted to let you know that Costco has a lifetime warranty on all their products (except computers and electronics- 3 months)! This applies to store bought, and online purchases. My fiance and I have bought the Cat Genie and didn't have to worry that if it broke, we would have to go through a lengthy process. In fact, you just take the item back to the store w/the original box, and they will give you a full refund for the lifetime of the item. We've been able to return several busted vaccuums, air cleaners, and so on. I see they don't carry the Pet Fountain online, but they update their inventory all the time:)
  • Moxie PopMoxie Pop Los AngelesMember Posts: 130
    edited 6 November, 2007
    A couple of years ago I received a water fountain for my kitties and they LOVED it. However, the fountain had way too many parts and it was a chore to clean every day. It had corners that I could only reach with a Q-tip! I know some people don\'t clean it every day but I want my kitties to have fresh, sanitary water and a little charcoal filter just wasn\'t good enough for me. I think a water fountain is a great idea and it works but be sure to check how easy it is to clean or it will just end up in your closet! :))
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 7 November, 2007
    We LOVE our water fountain and we drink way more from the fountain than we ever did from the bowl. We used to have the Petmate Freshflow and liked it. It comes apart easily and you can clean all the parts. The water container only lasts for a bout 3 days though and the fountain does get yucky pretty fast. Cleaning it once a week was pushing it. We had it for 2 years and it was still running but it was forseeable that we would need a new motor at some point. You can get replacement motors for about $20 I think. A new fountain is around $40 at Petsmart I think. Now, we have the Catit. It does look cool and we like to lick the water off the dome. It is bigger and is therefore harder to clean. It stays fresh longer though and seems to get less yucky overall. Cleaning once a week is enough. It holds more water too. So, overall we prefer the Catit over the Freshflow. There is a third kind, can't remember the name right now. It has the water free falling and I would imagine that that might get a little noisy. Also, little scaredy cats might get frightened by it.
  • Carol CanodeCarol Canode ColumbusMember Posts: 3,178
    edited 7 November, 2007
    I just found this homemade fountain, and I'm going to try it, since I already have the bowl and glass beads. Hey, if I can get a fountain for $10.00, I'll go for it. Hazel likes to drink out of the mossy fountain in the side garden, so she might like this.
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