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Anybuddy know of a good place, $ saving wise where you can buy Innova EVO?

edited 3 December, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
I live in St paul MN and the place I go, Dog days on 1752 Grand sells a 12 pack of 13 oz cans for over $30! Now that we have five cats instead of 3 trying to get them all on evo wet/dry is going to be challenge $ wise. Anybuddy know of a cheaper place in our area to buy Innova Evo canned/dry?


  • edited 25 November, 2007
    actually its for a 24 pack not a 12.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 25 November, 2007
    Use the store locator to find stores in your area: Then call the stores and ask how much the food costs. That's the only thing I can think of :-k
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 27 November, 2007
    i know a trick. if you email them and ask them for a sample size amount of evo they will send you two coupons in the mail with a letter and stuff. one coupon is for 5 dollars off a case of cans and the other is for 3 dollars off. that will help a bit. i got the coupons after i had already tried it but it was a nice extra savings. since you live in st paul which is a pretty big area you might be able to shop around. i live in a town where 3 stores sell it and they fluctuate by prices by about a dollar or so. i buy the 15 pound bags though and haven't really noticed the cans. you live in a pretty big city so like merlin said i suggest shopping around.
  • edited 28 November, 2007
    Thanks.. I will do that, first I'll try the store locator, Got a $5 off Natures variety madallons from animal wellness mag/ the truth about pet food. I will look it up.. and call around tommarow when I'm feeling better/ am sick now/Tommarow I volenteer at my old high school in an art class, so I get that day off too. :D Yeah it is a big city but surpicenly you have to look pritty hard for what you need, I feed raw along with canned and I cannot feed beef heart or whole intact chickens, I have been thinking about raisng chickens if I move to bamidji with my dad and his new-to be wed, don't know though, right now just taking things one at a time. I like chickens, and think I might want one as a pet someday if I can.
  • edited 28 November, 2007
    WOW I didnt know EVO for cats came in duck and venison, I know Leopalorn and Monty our new cat, love vension.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 28 November, 2007
    EVO has the regular cat/kitten variety and the new 95% meat varieties ;c; I love both regular EVO and the 95% chicken and turkey, beef, and duck ones.
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 29 November, 2007
    idaho must be behind the times (big suprise :?) since i have never seen the 95% meat varieties for cats. only the dog ones. i used to raise ducks for eggs, they taste like chicken eggs only richer and creamier if that makes any sense. after hanging out with them as babies and watching them grow and develop i bonded to them. i could've never butchered them. actually, when i was forced to rehome them they went to live on a local farm (my dad is friends with the owners/operators) that also raises ducks for eggs. maybe, i'm just a big softy though and got too attached to the little guys.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 30 November, 2007
    Yup, EVO has 95% meat canned food for cats, too ;c; It might take awhile for the cans to show up in more stores.
  • Kelly HendryKelly Hendry Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 556
    edited 2 December, 2007
    Have you tried shopping for it online? I have some friends that think its cheaper, although I haven't tried it.
  • Moxie PopMoxie Pop Los AngelesMember Posts: 130
    edited 3 December, 2007
    I\'m not aware of any large chain stores that sell Innova Evo so you\'ll have to check your local pet stores if you don\'t want to buy online. My suggestion would be to create a list of pet stores in your area using online directories such as and call them for Innova Evo pricing.
  • Krista HustonKrista Huston Member Posts: 9
    edited 3 December, 2007
    we have used pet food direct but we look for sites with free shipping as pet foods weigh alot,petco dosent include food in their free shipping, today we ordered 18 items from but only one brand of food listed for dogs also included cat food, which we did order a case of food,we love their prices on both,sit stay has some great treats for your doggie brothers and sisters,we have some kangaroo coming for a friend with allergies to try ,wanted the ostrich tendons but they are out, it must be very popular or hard to get,,merry christmas to all of you,and ty to those who have asked us to be friends , you rock,oh the price to get free shipping at sit stay is 75.00, which works for us, we would spend half that getting to a city and back to purchase holistic or no grain foods,,,and then mom would see alot more stuff and overbuy and it would cost dad alot more so he thinks she does good online,,mEoW
  • Mary ComminsMary Commins AntiochMember Posts: 55,502
    edited 3 December, 2007
    We usually buy from because they sell Innova and 25% of the sale goes to a shelter that we choose. We have 5 cats too, but buying a better food is cheaper than ending up at the vets for us! Bow we only need the vet once or twice a year!
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