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Wellness Kitten/Adult

Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
edited 5 December, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Hiya! Our delivery just arrived with Wellness wet and dry! Woo hoo! MOL, the size of the teeeeeeny tiny cans made us laugh out loud. A question - there was a mistake in the delivery : On this store's website, they only offered CAT 5 MIX ADULT DRY, and though we're still kittens, thanks to info here at Catster, we decided to just go for it. To my surprise, ADULT came, and so did CAT 5 MIX KITTEN DRY. My siblings and I are 6 months old. Do you think we should return the ADULT, return the KITTEN, or keep them and try them both? Many thanks!


  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu Miami Fl,Member Posts: 883
    edited 17 November, 2007
    You could try them both! ;c; I wish I was you!
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 18 November, 2007
    Mouse, you're a sweetie, thanks! And before anyone else goes to the trouble to answer my silly question, let me apologize for asking it! I mean, I'd found out that the adult and kitten foods are fairly similar, and so I decided to order the adult one when I couldn't find the kitten one... So the obvious answer is EAT EM BOTH! And that's what we'll do. ;c; In fact, Mommy just gave me and my sister a small handful like a reward snack, and we were ALL OVER the kitty kibble, oh YUM! I know, a little at a time until we get used to it. All four of us are going to share one of those teeeeeeny tiny cans tonight before bed. Oh boy! Thanks!
  • Pamela MathyPamela Mathy Member Posts: 25
    edited 27 November, 2007
    Hi Mooch, I am glad that you guys are enjoying your Wellness food. I ate the Kitten dry when mom first adopted me when I was 6 months old. Now she decided to switch me to the adult. She still had some kitten left so she mixed them as a transition. I loved the kitten and am loving the mix. Happy munching. C. ;)
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 28 November, 2007
    Thanks, Chester! We do like our Wellness kibble very much! (We also love our new Wysong kibble.) We're still a little lukewarm on the Wellness wet, but we're happy to have lots of yummy choices. Thanks everyone for the advice!
  • Mary ComminsMary Commins AntiochMember Posts: 55,502
    edited 5 December, 2007
    Mooch, we eat Wellness canned for a few days and then tell Mom by leaving it all, and meowing sadly cause we are hungry, so she has discovered that if she rotates the canned we eat everything she gives us. The Innova is pawsome and we love the chicken soup for the cat lovers soul canned also felidae! Evangers pheasant has our pawprint of approval,, too! :)) They say cats are finicky so we have to live up to that!!
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 5 December, 2007
    Ooh ooh! Mommy was just reading your great post under Wet vs Dry just moments ago! :D We're loving our choices as of late. And yeah, Mommy's been doing a fairly good job of fooling us by rotation MOL. Mommy rotates these dry : Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken (our paws down fav) Innova Evo Wysong Wellness Orijens And these wet : Innova Evo Solid Gold Tuna Wellness (variety) And Mommy found a snack we LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's 100% freeze-dried horsemeat. At first Mommy was kind of grossed out tearing the meat apart to give us (she's vegetarian) but we love it soooo much and go nuts at the site (or sound :)) ) of the package, that it's worth the slight heebies MOL. I don't know why I'm writing that as it has nothing to do with my original post. :) ETA : We're still looking around for Evangers. Sounds yum! We did try Felidae but unfortunately it didn't agree with us.
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