Why can't I stop farting?

Anil PrasadAnil Prasad OaklandMember Posts: 29
edited 16 April, 2006 in Cat Health
Mroo! I am a happy, well-adjusted cat that is being fed either yummy Innova or Wellness dry food, with occasional Kitty Grass. I also get yummy Petromalt from time to time. I'm only six months and am a happy little boo. But I keep farting every day. I don't vomit and I don't have any diarrhea. Can anyone help me out? What can I do? My owners are starting to run the other way when I come running!


  • Danni MillerDanni Miller OkotoksMember Posts: 10
    edited 5 April, 2006
    What food are you eating? It could be a food allergy/sensitivity. I used to stink out the house too....then Mom put me on great food and I don't do that anymore. Plus my coat and teeth are way better too. Msg my mom and she could help you out!
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 6 April, 2006
    Yeah, I had that problem for awhile. I am pretty sure it was the food. Then Mommy put me on Iams Weight Control food. I was previously on Iams Adult. Now I am fine
  • Teri SextonTeri Sexton Member Posts: 7,987
    edited 6 April, 2006
    Our vet said passing gas is not normal for cats. (Dogs do it a lot, though...smelly dogs!) Really, he said it can be a sign of more serious troubles, so I would consult your vet for sure.
  • Teri SextonTeri Sexton Member Posts: 7,987
    edited 6 April, 2006
    Momma said I have to say "SORRY" about the dog remark. She loves doggies, and we have one too!
  • Patricia HodgePatricia Hodge WatertownMember Posts: 14,819
    edited 7 April, 2006
    when I was a kitten I passed gas a lot.. phewwwwwwww, and lots of my friends did too. but here last week I did it and is was because I was constipated,, I would go but only little balls, I was not emptying in. believe me you not want that to happen, also indigestion, ect can cause it.. good idea to have vet check you just in case something is not right or just call and see what he say.. Bluie
  • Laura ShawLaura Shaw Minneapolis, Stevens CommunityMember Posts: 30
    edited 7 April, 2006
    I had that problem too. Now I only get to eat my special tummy food (Royal Canin Special 33) and no sneaking treats or bits of people food. But man, I could clear a room with my gas. It was my hidden talent.
  • Liz ZillichLiz Zillich WarrenMember Posts: 8
    edited 7 April, 2006
    after mommy and daddy got me as a kitten i had the worse tooties. they would pick me up and put me down real fast cause i made a stinky. the place where i was adopted from had me eating science diet so thats what mommy and daddy bought. mommy talked to our neighbor (who has 2 kitties of her own) and she recommended Eukanuba. i been eating that and no more stinkies....the only thing that smells bad on me is my morning kitty breath PU.
  • BethDeeringBethDeering LondonMember Posts: 39
    edited 7 April, 2006
    I had really bad stinkies when Mommy & Daddy first adopted me. I was eating Nutrience food, and Daddy decided to switch me to Royal Canin baby cat. The stinkies still didn't go away, and my tummy was swollen. When I went to the vet for my 12 wk rabies shot, the vet said I probably had a tapeworm. She gave me something for it and the stinkies went away within a couple of days! When Zippy first came home, he had stinkies too. Mommy changed him from Authority cat food to Innova EVO and the problem disappeared!
  • Ingrid BaerIngrid Baer Red DeerMember Posts: 149
    edited 16 April, 2006
    When my new family found me, I had a case of the tooties (hehe, what a funny word). When mom talks about when I was farty, she gets an image in her mind, of the memory of one night when I was sleeping next to her face when she was reading, and she suddenly smelled the most horrible stench... Yep, yours truely. That was in the beginning of my stay here, and nobody knows what I ate before, but the first thing I ate when I came here was Merrick canned (mom bought California Natural dry mostly but by luck had bought nearly 30 cans of Merrick just the day before they found me). I refused to eat anything except canned food, but soon I started eating CA Natural and loved it. But due to other digestive issues (blood in poop) mom moved me and the other 2 resident cats onto Felidae and we're all thriving now. And no more farts!
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