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Karin EckbladKarin Eckblad Member Posts: 3
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I tried posting this in the health issues, but didn't get any response, so I thought I'd try posting it here. Luci has been having an issue keeping clean lately, especially after using her litterbox. We've given her baths, but the problems returns after a few days. We've thought of changing her food, but she's a VERY picky eater, and we don't want to buy food she won't eat. Is this an issue we need to take her to the vet for?


  • Wendy WardWendy Ward TorontoMember Posts: 84
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I guess you need to be more specific when you say Lucy is having a problem keeping clean after using her litterbox. I don't understand exactly what the problem is. Does she not clean herself after using her box? Or is her stool runny? etc., etc.?
  • Karin EckbladKarin Eckblad Member Posts: 3
    edited 27 February, 2006
    she has littler clumped to the fur on her butt. Her stool isn't very runny, but it's looser than it was a few weeks ago. Does that help?
  • Wendy WardWendy Ward TorontoMember Posts: 84
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Well first I\'d say don\'t feed Luci any dairy products because they usually cause cats to have bowel problems, i.e. diarrhea, soft stools & gas. Perhaps you\'ve seen that your post you had under \"Health\" has had a response by another \"long-haired\" cat who has an interesting solution (hair trimming). If her stools continue to be soft it may be due to the food she\'s eating, i.e. Purina. Take a look at the label. If it contains corn, corn by-products, soy, soy by-products, other grains, sugar, these are difficult for cats to digest and result in gastric problems. If you haven\'t taken her to your vet to screen out possible health problems first, I would recommend doing that first, then seeing if it\'s her diet.
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