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I\\\'m not hungry...

Candice HuguenardCandice Huguenard NWMember Posts: 40
edited 9 February, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Last week mom started to change my food from Nutro to Purina. Since then I haven\'t really been eating my food like I used to. I\'m also sleeping all the time and hardly ever playing. The past couple days I haven\'t eaten at all, so mom gave me some NutriCal. What else can she give me to help me start eating again? She already stopped mixing in the Purina food. I\'m already a tiny kitten, mom\'s worried I\'m going to start losing weight.


  • Vanessa BobackVanessa Boback TampaMember Posts: 3,149
    edited 8 February, 2008
    The first thing that should be done is a vet visit. Just to be sure that there's nothing physically wrong with you other than "not being hungry". Especially because you're sleeping a lot more and not as active. If everything checks out ok, then I would suggest trying some canned food and also (if finances allow) try a higher quality food. Something like Felidae, Innova EVO, Wellness, etc. Those brands have more of the MEAT that cats crave, especially the canned foods. They will help to put some meat on them bones and keep a healthy weight without all the fillers and by-products that are in Purina, Nutro, Etc. And they are "All life stages" so, even kittens can eat it. As an example, in our house we eat : Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken dry food and Innova EVO canned foods. All grain free. They have a line of 95% duck, venison, beef and others that my cats go bonkers for!! They are a little bit pricey, but the cats never get sick so there's no vet bills to pay. We also add some supplements, but I won't get all into that one :)) PLEASE write me if you would like to talk more about this, I could go on forever about it :D
  • Ashley SkalaAshley Skala San FranciscoMember Posts: 92
    edited 8 February, 2008
    While this isn't a sure thing that it's liver problems, it is important that your kitty is eating. If a cat goes more than 2-3 days without eating they can develop Fatty Liver Disease or Hepatic Lipidosis. I recommend a trip to the vet! You don't want to chance it. Purrrs hope you start eating more soon!
  • Candice HuguenardCandice Huguenard NWMember Posts: 40
    edited 8 February, 2008
    Mommy just brought me back from the vet. I've got a virus, but good thing is I've got medicine now that should take care of it. ;c; I have to go back monday for a check up. So hopefully everything will be ok.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 9 February, 2008
    If it's a URI, of course you would not eat. I stopped eating a week after I came home to mom. She was taking me to the vet anyway, so off we went and she said I sounded congested, so she guessed I did have a URI. We went home with antibiotics and a recommendation to feed me wet food because I might smell it better. Mommy started me on Wellness wet (she was thinking about it anyway), and boy does Wellness wet smell good! It worked out even better because I started hiding from dad and the dropper the second day, so the vet said to try putting the antibiotics in the food, and that worked like a charm. I did have gas from the sudden switch, but boy was I eating again. :))
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