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Diarrhea from Wellness canned cat food

Melissa ThomasMelissa Thomas College ParkMember Posts: 647
edited 17 February, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Fang seemed to do well with Wellness canned for a while, but of late has diarrhea after eating a can, even of flavors she could tolerate before (chicken and herring). She's fine if she's on dry (Wellness). Any ideas of why she might suddenly start to get a tummy reaction to it? Others have said that Wellness canned chicken *stopped* their diarrhea problem . . .


  • Beth CostaBeth Costa Stoneham, MAMember Posts: 252
    edited 16 February, 2008
    Hi, Have you had a stool sample checked for worms? That might be a first step. The next possibility is that Fang might have some kind of bowel problem like inflammatory bowel disease. I would recommend a vet check and they may recommend a prescription diet with a novel protein source. Some cats may be allergic to chicken or beef and need to be switched to a new protein source like duck or venison or lamb. Either way, I would suspect either a parasite or a food allergy. Allergies can come on at any age so even if Fang tolderated a food in the past, it can become a problem suddenly just like with people. Good luck!
  • Melissa ThomasMelissa Thomas College ParkMember Posts: 647
    edited 16 February, 2008
    Thanks. I've taken her off canned for the moment and I guess we need to get to the vet.
  • Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
    edited 16 February, 2008
    Wellness is a really good food but it can be rich for some. Stella couldnt handle wellness she had the runs and they were not getting better. She had to be switched. Now she gets felidae and she loves it and I do to because not icky runny poop!:D
  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu MiamiMember Posts: 1,175
    edited 16 February, 2008
    I've heard that problem with many cats here on catster. Some cats just can't seem to handle it. You should switch Fang to another brand,that'll problaly help.
  • Kenzie KanneKenzie Kanne DedhamMember Posts: 222
    edited 16 February, 2008
    my cats did well on it too at first but then diarrhea started and then total refusal to even eat moist wellness pouch or can. We stuck to the dry and just went back to Fancy Feast. They were losing weight and hadn't eaten anything for a week so it wasn't worth it anymore. Now I have a months worth of wellness pouches because I have to order online....---picky creatures.
  • Melissa ThomasMelissa Thomas College ParkMember Posts: 647
    edited 17 February, 2008
    Thanks, cats. It's very helpful to know that we are not alone. Yes, I have tons of cans of Wellness chicken here (not cheap!). But we'll try another and see how it goes once her tummy settles down. I don't think it is a more systemic problem because she does fine on dry food; presumably worms or irritable bowel syndrome wouldn't act up just with canned. So it's probably something in the canned that is not sitting right with her.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 17 February, 2008
    I\'d compare the ingredients\' lists and find a comparable food that is missing some of those ingredients to see if maybe she does not have allergies to those ingredients. Or the other way around, and see what happens. As I understand it, Wellness has been shifting from organic grains in their wet food to wholly grain free wet food, so maybe the problem is that you really need grains in your diet (I actually do okay on Wellness grain free, and so this switch has made me so picky that now I refuse to eat anything with brown rice in it :)). Mom says \"cats! You just can\'t win sometimes!\" ;))
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