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help: cat\'s ownership id has been stolen

Chubby BeanChubby Bean Member Posts: 30
edited 27 February, 2008 in Laws & Legislation
My friend bought a kitten from a friend a year ago. The kitten was really adorable that's why everyone wanted to play with him and have him for a day or two. Something came up one day and my friend who bought the cat was unable to look after him for a while, so he asked another friend who totally adores and said doesn't mind the kitten to board at her place for a month or so. Everything was okay when my friend went back to pick up his kitten when he finished his own business. But the next day, his frd who helped looked after the kitten requested to have the kitten back claiming that her family has booked an appointment for the kitten. My friend wondered why were they taking his kitten to a vet that he's unfamiliar with and without notifying him earlier. He surely never instructed her nor anyone to take the kitten to any vet, and even if the kitten needed to see a vet, he should be notified and to be asked which family vet they should take the kitten to. But anyhow, he thanked them for their care and told them that he could take the kitten to the appointment himself as the owner. At first, they were trying to convince him that the family miss the kitten and wanted to take him to the vet. Then they refused to tell my friend which vet they took the kitten to, not even the contact info of the vet. It turned out that the frd who looked after the kitten lied to her own family claiming that she has bought a kitten, so her family members all thought the kitten is theirs. What's worse is that they wanted to keep the kitten so badly that they already installed a microchip for the cat without my frd's permission and all the info registered on the microchip states that the ownership of the kitten is theirs. And none of this was ever notified nor permitted by my frd who he was the one that bought the kitten. When he was finally told about this, he wasn't too pleased and asked for all his kitten's vet record including the microchip account to be transferred back to him. It was just horrible when the person refused to do so, and started blackmailing asking for $1000 in order to get all the paperworks back. She claimed that it's reasonable for she has taken care of the kitten for two months that $1000 should be paid back to her as for all the food expenses, automatic litter box (which she claimed it costed $300) and vet fees. My friend reasoned with her that it's okay and reasonable to pay for all the cat food expenses. However, my frd never asked of her to purchase an automatic litter box for his kitten since the kitten did have a regular litter box. And it just doesn't make sense an automatic litter box would cost as much as $300 (he later on saw the exact same auto litter box at the pet store that only costs $75+tax). And certainly my friend never instructed them to take his kitten to any vets or have any microchip done. My friend thought it was just too ridiculous to pay for someone who would blackmail a friend in return after stealing a friend's cat's ownership. Good thing was that the cat has been picked up already the day before this conversation occured. But the problem is my friend does not know what to do in order to change the microchip info and the pet's ownership back to his own account. He asked his family vet for advice but they said there's nothing they could do about it unless the person who registered the microchip call into the microchip company herself to request changes. Of course she refused to unless my friend pays for the money she blackmailed for. My friend is certain that if he asked the person who sold him the kitten to be his witness and prove he is the rightful owner, it's possible. However, that still wouldn't help nor convince the microchip company to change the info, or they might even think my friend's the one who's the thief, which he's not. Few days later, the girl called in and said her family has decided to claim a file at SPCA for lost cat. And if my friend doesn't want any trouble, he better pay up. When my friend came to me for help, I thought what kind of horrible friend would ever do this? I have several pets of my own and of course I wouldn't want any of them to be stolen especially by a friend that was asked for a favor. I convinced him not to put up with her bad acts, and what matters is he has his kitten back safely. Even so, the problem is still not solved til today. My friend fears to bring his cat to vets fearing that if the vet scans the microchip and they would think he's the one who stole a missing cat and return the cat to the actual thief. Is there anything that we could do?? We definitely don't want the cat to ever be return to someone that steals. My friend is unfortunately looking for a new home for this cat cause he doesn't have the time to look after the cat due to business. He really wants to resolve this problem before giving the cat to someone responsible and would offer the cat a loving home. He surely doesn't want any trouble to be caused to the new family. Any advice or suggestion from similar experience??|:|


  • Ramona NRamona N Member Posts: 27
    edited 5 November, 2007
    Althought I can understand why your friend is mad at his friend I can't understand why can't he just give the cat back to that family. It's obvious that they love it and care about it. Possibly even too much. But hey, he's not keeping it anyway. So why not to give it back to people who would like to keep it instead of looking for another family and giving more stress to the poor cat? :? BTW, I've been in similar situation myself. Some time ago my mother in law found a kitty. It was underweight and had a whole lot of fleas so we haven't even thought it could not be a stray kitty. We took it to the vet who scanned it but haven't found anything. So we decided to keep it. Few days later we noticed an add about the missing kitten. About OUR missing kitten. It turned out to be our neighbour's. We pannicked but after a day we decided to do the right thing. He said it sneaked out but couldn't say when it was and he only put an add few days after.. :? We gave the kitty back (as he refused to sell it to us) and only asked him to take it for next vaccination in two weeks time. He promised he would and even told he would give our money back but he didn't. He moved the day before vaccination due so we went to the vet on the time of appointment to just check on him but he never showed up. So yes, I can probably be considered a thief as well as I didn't want to give the kitten back and such but at least I cared about that kitty more than his real owner does.
  • emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
    edited 5 November, 2007
    A cat isn't some inanimate object that should be pushed around from pillar to post just for the convenience of the owner. I think your friend shouldn't worry about the microchip details and give the cat back to the family who had him chipped, being as he says he can't keep him anymore. He obviously thought that family was good enough to look after the cat for him in the first place and they loved the cat, so I think he should put his differences with this family aside and let them have the cat back. Poor kitty.
  • Darlene WagnerDarlene Wagner MilwaukeeMember Posts: 1,075
    edited 5 November, 2007
    We agree, esp considering he isn't going to keep it anyway, and the family spoiled it and loved it. At least then the cat won't go through anymore changes. Mommy & Kids
  • Ashley NollenAshley Nollen RichmondMember Posts: 333
    edited 16 November, 2007
    I dunno. Thats kinda creepy. I would go to the cops and tell them that he is being blackmailed. That's illegal. Try to get them to say it on the phone and record it or something... get some evidence of their demands. That will prove that he owned the cats and that they are blackmailing him.
  • joy wampolejoy wampole Member Posts: 626
    edited 17 November, 2007
    I agree with Tigga and Cleo, A kitten is not a toy to be passed around from person to person. It sounds likes the person who took it to the vet made the responsible decision. It is essential that all kittens be taken to the vet to make sure that they are healthy, have thier shots and are spayed/neutered. It sounds like your friend is very busy, and even though he/she may want the cat perhaps the best place for it is with the people who took it to the vet. The best thing to do is put aside whatever personal differances you may have and think about what is best for the cat.
  • Kelly HendryKelly Hendry Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 556
    edited 27 November, 2007
    If your friend does not want it there is absolutely no reason for him not to give it to this girl (even if she is being unreasonable. Frankly, all of my cats were strays and all are micro chipped to me. If anyone showed up trying to claim them there is no way I would give them back.) If you want someone to foster your cat you need to create a contract setting up a time for which they can keep the cat, what expenses will be covered, and that all medical visits should be approved by you first. I also think that all people should micro chip their cats to prevent problems like this. Quite frankly, without a written agreement if she has had the cat for two months, paid all of its medical expenses, and has a micro chip registered in her name there is no way your friend will be able to regain custody short of filing a civil suit (pets are considered property). If I were his lawyer I would not feel good about his ability to to win this suit. Yes, there is proof that he owned the cat before her if he has medical records, etc. But there is no proof other than his word vs. her word that she was supposed to return the cat. Everything he did in letting her care for the cat looks like implied consent to her assuming ownership. This is in addition to the fact that should she decide to call the police and report the cat as stolen he could face criminal charges (it depends on the state). If your friend is really adamant that he needs to have the chip changed to his name then he needs to hire a lawyer.
  • Kelly HendryKelly Hendry Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 556
    edited 27 November, 2007
    Hmmm Mommy did not realize that you're in Canada and she's really not familiar with your laws......I would still advise your friend to contact a lawyer.
  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
    edited 27 November, 2007
    Why does he care if a family who invested so much time and money keeps a cat he can't keep in the first place? Yes, it was shady of the family to have all that done and get the microchip, but it sounds like the cat was in a healthy, nurturing environment. Good pet owners take pets to the vet, and right now, your friend is afraid to take the cat to the vet. If your friend is going to insist that the cat not go back to the family, he needs to seek a legal solution. In the U.S., a small claims court could deal with the property and financial claims without a bunch of attorney's fees or court costs. I don't know if Canada has anything similar. A court should be able to order the microchip company to change the ownership info, but the company cannot and should not be the judge of who the proper owner is.
  • emma clarkeemma clarke Nottingham Robin Hood CountryMember Posts: 6,819
    edited 29 November, 2007
    Asking how to change microchip details without the registered owners consent sounds a bit iffy to me anyway....I mean, if that was possible, people could theoretically,go around stealing other peoples pets that didn't belong to them and changing the microchip details....and that would defeat one of the main purposes of chipping:-/
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
    edited 30 November, 2007
    There are always too sides to a story. :-/
  • trinlay khadrotrinlay khadro Member Posts: 83
    edited 9 January, 2008
    If he isn't going to keep the cat anyway, it should go to the family that was taking care of it. End of extortion, end of friendship. IF he WAS intending to keep the kitten, it would have been time to call a lawyer for advice or possibly open it up in small claims court... THE FIRST SUGGESTION THAT HE NEEDED TO COUGH UP MONEY. IMHO if the kitten had been with the family a month or more, and was well settled in ANYWAY. The kitten should maybe stay there. Lady shouldn't have lied to her family anyway. Lies, like time travel, are nothing but trouble.
  • belinda wilkinsonbelinda wilkinson woodwardMember Posts: 15
    edited 26 February, 2008
    i am a cat thief and proud of it! this fall a little tiny kitten about 5 weeks old.was at the front of our mobile home i knew the folks had gotton him.well about a week later that little tiny kitten showed up on my door step.he was half starved to death.i couldnt refused the cute little furbaby.he was very tough survive outside.because they never take care of their other cat and there poor little dog lives outside and only food they get is what they can find.i know they are getting food from my strays i feed.but i just know that poor little dog is going to get hit by a car one of theses days.most likely by the folks that he belongs to.he always chaseing after there vechiles.that little tiny baby not so little anymore.he so big and handsome.and fixing to be nuetered soon.they never looked for him.any where we live theres all kinda animals that would found that little guy a tasty yes i stoled him and they cant have him back.if i could get the other one and the little dog another place i will.they deserve better than that they are getting right now!mom will find a way to help them!
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
    edited 27 February, 2008
    By the way, from a legal stand point, it should be noted that a Cat's ID tag has virtually NO WEIGHT in the legal standing of ownership, precisly because no court order is required to change names or addresses; nothing prevents me from saying "hey, this is my cat, with this id" whether is or is not my cat.
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