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Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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Can someone please give me some hints on picking a professional cat groomer? I know that cats are much harder to groom than dogs and I\'ve heard that some groomers sedate cats and I don\'t want that. My long-haired Delilah is getting all matted in her chest area and doesn\'t like me to try to get the mats out. Professional grooming seems to be my only option, but I don\'t want Delilah to be treated badly because of her temperament. I know I have to do something because her mats are getting worse and they can cause skin problems. What kind of questions should I ask? How will I know when I\'ve found the \"right\' groomer? Thanks!


  • Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
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    Not all groomers even groom cats. There are some out there that just do cats! They are hard to find though. So that is your first question do you groom cats?? How much experience do you have? Thats a big question. Ask if you can take a tour of the grooming shop. Look for cleanliness make sure doesnt smell dirty and stinky. Pay attention to where the animals are kept and how. You can judge really quickly by what the shop looks like to. Also though you can judge to by seeing the groomer in action to. O ya ask where they went to school, if they are certified. If the didnt go to school then did you apprentice somewhere then. Also vet clinics groom to so see if the clinic you take your cat also grooms. Then you already will have that build up trust with them since you are familiar with the clinic.
  • Roz PurnellRoz Purnell Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaMember Posts: 5
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    I like to pick groomers that allow me to be present and participate in the grooming, I find it keeps my kitties calmer too:D
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    Sometimes its necessary for a cat to be sedated for a grooming, especially if they are really matted and not too cooperative. Veterinarians will generally be the ones that do the sedation and grooming (and subsequent bath) so they can monitor the cat as it wakes up. Sedation is usually administered via an injection of valium and ketamine.
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    Look for a groomer who will first of all let you be present for the grooming. Many groomers, especially those with experience can groom cranky cats. .. They may need to hold the cat down in a way you dont find all that pleasant but you can watch and ensure they don't harm your baby. I work at a shelter, and to be honest some cats are very very hard to groom and NEED to be sedated. You are making the right decision to get the cat in before the mats get too bad. In a case of sedation a vet should be present (probably done by a vet clinic instead of a groomer) Once they get to a certain point sedation is the most humane... (I spent about 45 minutes straight shaving a severely matted and cranky cat last week, if he would have been fully awake I am sure he would have bitten me). It is also safer to sedate in some situations... Like if the cat is a biter... Most states or counties have laws that require cat bites be reported and may require quarantines even if the cat is vaccinated. Like any professional you choose to handle your pets, children, and other precious things in your life, it is good to get references and get to know them a little before you just leave your baby in their care. -Pepper's Mom
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