Trimming that long coat

Ashley WeatherholtzAshley Weatherholtz WhartonMember Posts: 85
edited 21 July, 2005 in Grooming
My mommy wants to trim my long coat so I'm more comfortable for the remainder of the summer, should she do it before or after my bath and how short should she go if I'm naturally a long coated cat? Also, what types of brushes are better for my skin and wouldn't make me fuss so much to mommy about brushing me? Thank you for any help, mommy needs it.


  • Amanda WoodAmanda Wood AuburnMember Posts: 35
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Hi Midnight! First, I want to tell you that your photos are very beautiful! :) As for your questions, I'm not sure if I could help you myself (I'm a medium-hair, so my mom doesn't have to trim my fur), but my mom has a couple of suggestions for the brush. She found out that medium and long-coat cats such as ourselves don't love the slicker brushes that our short-coat cat friends do (the ones with wire bristles). My mom read somewhere that we love the soft bristle-brushes and shedding blades. So, she went to PetCo and bought them to try out on me (I used to make a fuss about getting groomed, too). Well, I LOVE the shedding blade and the soft bristle brush! The shedding blade helps to get rid of my winter coat (which helps me feel a lot better since it's 95 degrees outside here) and the soft bristle-brushes help to smooth my coat down and make it very shiny; it also massages my skin well. Maybe your mommy can try those brushes rather than the slicker ones? My mommy read that because of our longer fur, the slicker brush's bristles just irritate our skin because the bristles don't actually get deep enough to massage us. Well, I hope it helps you out! :) I love being groomed now, and I think every kitty should love being groomed, too! ;) Good luck! ~Callie-leigh
  • Ashleigh JonesAshleigh Jones Middle of NowhereMember Posts: 92
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Well...I'm very lucky, because I have a short coat. I never knew you could trim your coat!!
  • Sarah BroderickSarah Broderick ChicagoMember Posts: 2
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Thank-you for the suggestions. I am Persian, and I am REALLY furry. I have such a thick fur coat, and I get so hot in the summertime that I just get sluggish. My owners have taken to "shaving" me, but I often wonder if there is something better that they can do for me and my coat.
  • Melanie BellamyMelanie Bellamy Member Posts: 15
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My mommy shaves me every summer--usually twice every summer--because I am Maine Coon and my fur is very long, thick, and traps heat in. It's very hard for me in the summer because of this. Sometimes I get so hot that I get diarrhea. So mommy shaves me and I feel nice and light and cool for the rest of the summer. It's very nice. Mommy says I look like a disco dancer in a unitard, but I don't know what that means.... If you want to do a home shaving job, you should get the Andis Professional Pet Groomer Trimmer. That's what Mommy used, and it only took 10 minutes to shave me. It was easy--I didn't even get mad about it. Good luck!
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