Poll: How do you like to annoy your humans?



  • a aa a Member Posts: 157
    edited 31 December, 2007
    =D>Bravo to everyone!=D> -I like to destroy houseplants (look at my diary to see why I can't do this anymore!;) -Open the bathroom door while someone is showering and look at them intensly (the door frame is warped and won't shut completely)(It's funny when they scream and turn red!) -I poof up and growl at them after they watch a suspense or scary movie -I jump on the counters when they go to bed and be ABSOLUTELY SURE they can hear me messing atound up there.
  • Ellie WalkerEllie Walker Member Posts: 72
    edited 22 January, 2008
    Ooh, ooh, I know! My Mewomie stands by this big metal thing (I think it\'s called a stove) with her back facing me. I am a stealthy cat so she doesn\'t know I am behind her. I then get into position and-WHAM!!! I am on her back! She trims my nails every week and so I really need to dig my short ones into her back to keep from falling off! But apparently she doesn\'t like my surprise attack so now I warn her first by scratching/climbing up her leg. She makes sure to pet me then! Mu ha ha ha ha! :^:
  • Jennifer RileyJennifer Riley Member Posts: 796
    edited 24 January, 2008
    I like to bring my mousies on the bed to play while meowmy is alseep. Then when she turns over, I dig at her back till she throws a pillow at me {mean meowmy} Otherwise I will just chew on her hair. :^::^::^:
  • Linda NoneLinda None Member Posts: 371
    edited 10 February, 2008
    Hmmm i think the question is what do I not do? MOL:)) Heres a short list of my terrible deeds;) : -Jumpin on moms head while she is sleeping -Stealing human food -Drinking out of the humans drink cups -Making a mess of any room in less than 15 minutes -Destroying a bathroom when mom is not looking -Escaping out the garage door -Eating the dog's tail -Meowing up a storm while mom is on the phone there is some many more bad boy deeds and so little time.....:))
  • Erin B-Erin B- PhiladelphiaMember Posts: 245
    edited 10 February, 2008
    I love to annoy Mommy! Especially in the middle of the night! -Jump on the bed -Meow loudly (very loud) in Mommy's face -Claw Mommy's feet if she doesn't wake up -Lay on top of her face I can be a HUGE pain sometimes, but she still loves me! :D
  • edited 4 April, 2008
    Right after the cat mother gets settled in bed at night, I will go to another room and howl and howl until she has to get up and see what's wrong. Nothing is wrong. hee hee Mission accomplished.
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