worried about granules coming from bella

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sorry if this is too graphic: for some time now i've noticed strange sesame seed-like granules on the bed where bella would sleep - small, yellow with pointed ends, just like a seed at first, i thought they were from cookies i eat on the bed, but i now realize they're coming somewhere out of Bella i'm not exactly sure, but i suspect it's coming out of her rear end :( because i've also started noticing these soft white lint-like things clinging to her butt-hair.... i'm not sure if the two are related otherwise, she's always been perfectly happy and doesn't seem sick in any way she's her usual curious, cuddly self with a tendency to bark like a chihuahua at the birds outside the window any ideas??? thanks


  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
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    This sounds like worms. We aren't sure and have never had them, but Bella needs to get checked by a vet. Worms can look like little grains of rice, so if that is what you see, get to a vet. Purrs, Felix
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
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    It's worms. This can be easily treated with a pill by your vet. These are usually caused by ingesting fleas. Good Luck!
  • Heather ThompsonHeather Thompson BountifulMember Posts: 3,652
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    Sounds like tapeworms. I would have her checked by a vet to confirm, and then get some wormer for her that takes care of tapeworms. Your vet should be able to provide it for you.
  • Hazel_LucyHazel_Lucy PurrsvilleMember Posts: 6,156 ✭✭✭
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    Those are worms, they look kind of like rice. The vet can take care of this easily!
  • S YS Y Member Posts: 15
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    hey guys sorry it took so long for me to thank you for your responses you guys were right it was tapeworms T_T gawd... and, yea, we got it taken care of T-T my moniez.... (totally worth it, tho.. my bella is okay :D) thanks for your responses, guys!
  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
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    Glad its taken care of! I had the same thing, I seemed perfectly fine untill mom saw a white "lint" looking thing moving around my tail. She called the vet ( because shes always super paranoid when it comes to us) and they told her to check where I usually take catnaps and look for sesame seeds. Mom has seen a few on the couch when she saw the lint like thing but happend to be eating breakfast at the time ( a buttered sesame roll). Mom checked the spare bedroom and found lots of sesame seed looking things. The vet just had mom come in and pick up a pill to get rid of the tapeworm. Be careful though, i gained a few pounds in the months after i got rid of the tapeworm. Mom and dad think that because of the tape worm I must have been eating a TON but they never noticed because I looked the same. Once it was gone i was just used to eating that much. Turns out Harley was just getting fat and lazy so mom is extra careful measuring out our food and our food bowlsare on the second level of our cat play gyms so we have to jump up to get it. Im maintaining my weight now (we dont have a very accurate scale - just a human bathroom scale) and Harley appears to be loosing the weight very slowly. Probably because he has to jump up and check both food bowls every hour to make sure a) there is still food in there from earlier or b) to see if mom added more food when he wasn't looking
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    Jewel, thank you so much for that tip. Come to think of it, she HAS gained quite a bit of weight since, but I thought it was b/c we were feeding her too much. I'll be more cautious when I feed her. No more worms!! Hurrah!
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
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    By teh way, if you have tapeworms, it means your house has fleas. I'd make sure to treat your area to rid yourself of the fleas, and make sure to have her dewormed every so often, cause they come right back. In texas, 1995 (before some of the topical flea drops) we just knew we would have fleas and tapeworms, and made appointments every 3 months to have our cats dipped and dewormed.
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