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Alexis McCabeAlexis McCabe Member Posts: 942
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I got two new kittens 3 wks ago. The ad said "8 wk old kittens." I intented to get one but fell in love with both of them. So brought them both home. The woman seemed to me to be a cat breed of siamese (i think) because she had also shown me a gorgeous siamese kitten that was their same size. Anyways, when I got home I decided to call her up and find out if the kittens were brother and sister (for any future medical reasons). She told me no and thought and happened to mention the boy kitten (Noel) was from a siamese cat and they were actually long distance cousins. Samhain (female) was 8 wks and Noel was a week younger. They were pretty much the same size and couldn't tell a difference as of a week ago. Last night I started to notice that Samhain is definately getting bigger than Noel. She is now about 1 to 1/2 inches longer than he was, slightly taller, and more broad. She looks more like a full grown cat in apparence (well with the acception of her slight babyish face and small kitten size). Noel tho still has that kitten look to them. His fur still looks kittenish, and he is smaller than Samhain. I thought maybe she had a growth spurt this week or something. He has been eating a drinking fine but he is still quite smaller. Another catster member told me that cats grow at different rates and more than likely Samhain is just growing faster than Noel. I still worry just a little even tho the other member made me feel better about it.


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    What I've noticed with all the boys I raised is that when they hit that not a kitten but not a full grown cat, they tend to be skinnier and smaller than the females for quite a while my 10 month old is still not quite grown into him head ( his head seems very large for his little body) so I believe all males grown slower then the females.....
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    It's Fluff. If that is true, my person must be raising a baby tiger! I am already close to ten pounds at close to ten months, and I have a big head, huge ears and huge paws, and am longer than even Delyte. My sister looks like a full grown cat, just very small. We think we take after different cats in our ancestry--she looks like our Momcat, and nobody knows what I look like. Almost a giant Siamese. But clearly I am going to grow a lot more--unless I stay at this long, narrow, big headed form? There are some adult cats that look like this? Purrs to you all. [My person hopes to get some new pictures of me soon.] :-h
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    He may have been the runt of the litter he was in. Runts tend to be smaller, usually. It\'s not impossible that he will catch up with the loosely related kitty eventually, just not right away. I was one of a litter of two. At six months, my sister looked like an obnoxious catolescent, while I was still kittenish in size. That\'s why dad convinced mom to get me, thinking I\'d stay runty (felt a bit sorry for me and all that). Imagine his surprise when I seemed to grow almost a foot within a couple of weeks! :)) Mom\'s suggestion is that if you\'re worried about the little one, you could always take him to a vet, and have them give him a kitty checkup. And if he\'s okay? Someday he\'ll be a big cat, and you\'ll look back to when he was your itty bitty kitty and miss it (mom has pictures of me where I first came home and I was all tail and legs, and she steals peeks at them with a wistful look on her face when she thinks dad and I are not looking; dad calls it the \"she wants another orange kitten\" face ;))
  • Alexis McCabeAlexis McCabe Member Posts: 942
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    Well i'm not too concerend for him anymore. This past week he has seemed to be maturing. On the other hand I think i'm raising a baby panther!!! Samhain is getting huge!!! she is just about half the size of elvira (who is over a year old) and she is only 12 wks!
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