Feeding A Five Week Old Kitten

April WilkApril Wilk OrlandoMember Posts: 62
edited 18 May, 2008 in Kitten Corner
Hi everyone...I posted earlier today about the blind kitten I rescued..another question I have about it...she is only 5 weeks old...I have been giving her a small can of Purina Pro Plan Kitten food twice a day...does this sound appropriate? I have never had a kitten this young before. She doesn\'t seem to eat dry food yet. Sincerely, April (Stottlemeyer\'s Mommy)


  • shannon mcnultyshannon mcnulty Courtney BCMember Posts: 71
    edited 14 May, 2008
    Purrrrrs to you for rescueing a blind kitten. I dont know anything about feeding kittens but best wishes from us.
  • DONNA KELLY-BIRCHDONNA KELLY-BIRCH kenoshaMember Posts: 1,018
    edited 15 May, 2008
    If she is eating the food and seems to be thriving and growing, then it is fine. Five weeks is a little young to be fully weaned, but when they no longer have a mother around, they learn to eat solid food faster. It is good you are feeding her kitten brand. Let her eat as much as she wants - I don\'t know if 2 cans is enough or just right for her. Don\'t worry about her not eating dry yet. They don\'t have all their teeth until they are 6 wks. old and some don\'t eat dry even then. You can try to soften up some kitten kibble with water or milk in the future and offer it to her or you can buy something called \"Baby Cat\" made by Royal Cannin. It is tiny kibble and is real expensive. I am fostering a 7-8 wk. old kitten right now who is capable of eating kibble but refuses. He screams and screams until I give him can food. And he is only getting a can and a half a day of the smaller kitten food cans!! I have tried kitten chow, baby cat, and science diet kitten with him, and he just refuses to eat. My goal is to have him eating kibble in the next week and a half so I can adopt him out. I don\'t think anyone is going to want a kitten who will only eat canned.:))
  • April WilkApril Wilk OrlandoMember Posts: 62
    edited 15 May, 2008
    Thank you guys...well these are tiny cans I am giving my kitten (Wee Gray) too...the Purina Pro Plan cans are small and she doesn't eat all of it. Sincerely, April (Stottlemeyer's Mommy)
  • Mary HillMary Hill DurantMember Posts: 856
    edited 18 May, 2008
    When I wus real little and had digestive problems, ma Mimi give us baby food(meats) and/or mix wif' my wet food. I was never able to get big due to a congenital disorder, but the baby food helped me get stronger. Further, ma Mimi uses this recipe when any of us kits get sick which is rarely. It works great fer little kitties suffering end-stage terminal diseases assoc. wif' cancer, HIV and kitties wif colds and sore throats.|^|
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