Cat Food Doesn\'t Grow on Trees

Benji ThompsonBenji Thompson Member Posts: 7,380
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Though, it would be cool if it would. Sorry about posting this, I just needed to rant somewhere. So, some of you may know I live with my sister. (incompetent, too lazy to walk her dog, annoying, loud, but still my sister) Well, lately, when I feed the cats- a few hours later- if the dishes are empty, she goes back and REFEEDS them!!! Now, this wouldn't be a problem except- she doesn't feed any of the other animals; so, I feel it's not fair to them. And, half the time THEY DON'T EAT WHAT SHE PUTS IN. This is all funny because a month ago she said I was OVERFEEDING them. Now, if they were eating the food she gave them I'd be like- okay, whatever... but, when you wanna feed your cats the best (ex. Wellness) let's face it, it ain't cheap is it kitties? I've asked her to stop- but she doesn't. And, I wish she'd realize; HEY, CAT FOOD DOESN'T FALL FROM THE TREE IN OUR FRONT YARD!!!! If she was buying the food, she would. Especially the food free from by-products and all that other nasty junk. Anyway, I thought I'd start a thread just for people to brag or vent- so take the time to do that. Or, you can give me advice? *winkwink* Seriously, though, brag and vent away!


  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
    edited 19 May, 2008
    I'll Vent. My little girl only wants Daddy. Pouts. I'm addicted to cat pets, and never get to love on her. that sucks. and the boy? he's decided that he has nothing to offer to our little family and tends to spend most of the day "hiding" somewhere. (we can't find out where.
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