How to make a kitten feel less lonely?

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I got my kitten a week ago. He is now 9 weeks old and for the past week i have had him seperated in a room by himself most of the time cuz of my other kitten who is 9 months old. I've allowed the new kitten time to come out of the room a bit, but he plays so rough with my 9 month old kitten. They usually chase each other around the house and the older kitten will hold him tight and try to bite the younger one. Lately, i've been allowing the older kitten a bit of time each day to come into the room where the new kitten is for them to play. I've been doing this for the past few days, but doesn't seem to be helping much yet. I tried distracting them when the older kitten tries to hurt the younger one, but then they usually go right back to fight afterwards. I really hope they'll eventually get along. Anyway, my main concern is i have to work during the day and i need sleep at night so during those times the kitten is by himself in the room. There are plenty of toys for him and his food and litterbox is in the room. He usually cries a lot when i'm not in the room (especially at night) and it tends to keep me up. I have tried playing with him before going to sleep and i put the radio on. Neither of those have helped yet. Is there anything else that could help him feel less alone since i can't be with him all of the time?


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    Freddy - What is going on with you and your new brother is just normal. He wants to let you know he is Top Cat and you are the new kitten in the house. Patience and love from your meowmy will help the transition. Things that might keep you entertained in your room are empty paper bags, cardboard boxes....both fun to hide in and put your toys in. It took a while for the other cats to get used to me, would say it took about a month. We all are fine now. Our meowmy visited your page, and we left you a present. She thinks you are TOO CUTE, and knows why your meowmy wanted to take you home!!!;c;;c; Keep us posted..... Pete Fountain, Louis Armstrong, Emma Barrett & Benny Grunch|:||:|
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    I agree. I don't think the 9-month-old is being too aggressive, especially if the little kitten goes right back to fighting when you separate them. Unless the little kitten cries or shows injuries, this is just a display of dominance. And as long as the older kitten isn't hissing or growling, he isn't all that upset to have some company himself! In all likelihood, if you just let them interact without interruption while you are there, they will change the tempo from fighting/aggression to affection within just a few minutes, which the little kitten could probably use. And trust me, within about three weeks, the young kitten will be instigating the fights, running, and rough-housing a lot more than he is now at 9 weeks. It would probably be fine to leave that door open during the day now, since the 9-month-old kitten has likely developed a regular napping schedule and will be less active, plus little baby kittens sleep almost all day. Again, within a few short weeks, the little kitten will be able to take care of himself and the two will probably be big buddies. Of course, if the rough-housing seems to escalate over time or either kitten acts fearful or starts to hide from the other, you will need to create a new "safe space."
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