Unborn Kittens?

Kelly FalkKelly Falk LivoniaMember Posts: 15
edited 1 June, 2008 in Kitten Corner
I'm writing this for Kashmere as she's much too busy caring for her newborn kittens. They were born just this morning - Memorial Day! She has an active litter of 5 kittens but I felt she would have several more since she was absolutely HUGE. I wasn't here for the delivery but I remember when she delivered her first litter of kittens she needed to be 'coached' an awful lot to keep her focused and in active labor. My concern is: about an hour ago, I was checking in on her and rubbed her tummy a bit and felt what I suspect to be a kitten still inside her. I only felt one but there's a possibility there could be more. With it being the holiday her regular vet is not available to question but what do you think? Should I hold off until tomorrow or try calling the emergency vet hospitals today to see about getting her and her litter in there? I'm concerned about moving them all today being they've already been through quite a lot; especially Kashmere, but I don't want to risk harming her should I find out too late I waited too long to call the hospital.


  • Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
    edited 27 May, 2008
    How'd it go????
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 27 May, 2008
    This is Delyte. We didn't see this yesterday as we were turned off due to lots of electrical storms. I would take her to the vet IMMEDIATELY because it is very common to retain one or more kittens. If the kitten dies inside of her or has already died, it could cause grave health problems and even death for her. Possibly she should be spayed immediately which would eliminate the problems, although it makes it awfully hard for her to nurse and care for the kittens. Let us know what happens! Hope the kittens are well and adorable! Of course, aren't all baby kittens adorable?! It's when they get to be teenage kittens that they turn into monsters! ;)
  • Kelly FalkKelly Falk LivoniaMember Posts: 15
    edited 27 May, 2008
    She has an appointment this afternoon with her regular vet to have an ultrasound to see if there are remaining kittens inside her. We're taking all the live kittens with us to the vet as well since she's a very very protective mommy and doesn't leave their sight for more longer than a quick run to the litter box. I'm purchasing her a litter box for the bathroom so she won't have to run to the laundry room and back. Like I said though, she has been a very good mommy and nursing just awesome so other than suspecting there are unborn kittens ..she's good fine.
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 28 May, 2008
    What a good Mommy. Let us know what the doctor says.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 29 May, 2008
    This is Delyte. How was the vet visit? How are all the kitties and their Momcat? Inquiring [nosy] kitties want to know! Purrs to you all and hope everything is well! :-h
  • Kelly FalkKelly Falk LivoniaMember Posts: 15
    edited 1 June, 2008
    Hi all this is Kashmere. It was a false alarm! No unborn babies. My doctor said it could have been some after birth that my human mom felt. He said all my babies are doing wonderful ...I suspected they are. They are crawling already; still eyes closed tight but their ears have open so now they can hear me when I yell at them. Gotta go...feeding time!
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 1 June, 2008
    Glad to hear all is well - and congratulations on the kittens!
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