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Harvey is BACK!

Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
edited 6 June, 2008 in Other Meows & Purrs
We don\'t know why, but Harvey\'s page miraculously reappeared. The adoption thing was either a technical glitch or the tasteless prank of a co-worker. The euthanasia thing was that Harvey\'s Mommy was too scared to take him to the vet in case the vet was going to tell her that he had to be PTS, and she wrote a post to get support from all of you, but then thought it was silly and tried to erase it, but could erase only the post content, not the thread title. All of this mayhem and excitement brought to you, live, via the wacky and wonderful Internet! Thanks so much to my friends who came to my support during this brief crisis. Mooch...Horus...Loki and Maggie...Tambolina...Suey...and others who I may have omitted. Long live Catster! ;c; P.S. This is a rehashing of an old topic, but there are three litter boxes in this apartment, including one in this room (the study, although very little studying goes on here, heh heh), and the smell of FECES is overwhelming in here, but there\'s NOTHING in the litter box. WHERE, oh WHERE, are you, little poopie-do? I\'m sure it will turn up eventually, but I don\'t like this random pooping thing. Better poop than pee, though. We want a poop emoticon!!!


  • Robin PinkhamRobin Pinkham BangorMember Posts: 1,601
    edited 28 May, 2008
    Hey Harvey- We are glad you are back!! ~a~~a~~a~ We were very worried- You look very healthy- shiny and long and lean, but mama says she can understand your mama worrying .... As far as the odor- hmmm- a tiny bit can make a BIG stink. You should see our pawrents chasing us and hunting ...where is the smell from??? One time Mama sat on a poopie that Muffin left when she was ill. We cats had a good laugh as she keep moving from room to room saying I smell something where is it??? The daddy would go in the room and not smell anything:h: Well, finally he says to her \"ahem, I think its on you.... \" EWWWW. Well, when Maggie and I get to be 18 or so watch out- old cats get a lot of leeway in their elimination habits ;) Take care buddy!!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 28 May, 2008
    Thanks again! I laughed about the poopie story! I found a suspicious smear of poopie on the cat\'s baby scale (they love to sleep on it), and disinfected it, but where there\'s a poopie smear, there\'s gotta be a poopie, so the search continues. That reminds me of the time Mommy was late to work and put on some pantyhose that, once she got them on, she realized really reeked of poop! But you know how panyhose are--they take ages to put on, and Mommy was really late, so she went to work smelling of that famous Parisian fragrance, Eau de Poupie. It\'s a wonder people didn\'t move away from her on the commuter train, thinking she was a homeless old hag who had done her duty in her panties. Glad to be back! ~a~ ~a~ ~a~
  • Tanya MundyTanya Mundy boulderMember Posts: 763
    edited 28 May, 2008
    When dulci was getting near her time, maybe the last year or so, she had a really hard time bothering to clean herself. the problem was, what stuck to her, stuck to you when she was held (and she was SUCH a lappy-hold me all the tiem, kitty). gotta love the joys of kitty parenting. ;-)
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
    edited 6 June, 2008
    harvey-have you checked behind the furniture? shyloh likes to make the odd deposit behind the entertainment we put a litter box there. so she goes BESIDE the litterbox. all we did was make it easier to locate, as she now consistently goes directly beside it instead of the entire behind the entertainment center locale. i truly do not get this, as the entertainment center is nowhere close to a wall, it divides the living room. it\'s just that there\'s a lot of human crap...well, human clutter, we don\'t actually crap back there, we\'re all toilet-trained...back there, and she gets under it to make her deposits. exercise equipment, broken chair that we haven\'t fixed, christmas ornaments (yes, i know it\'s june), a bird cage with no bird...looks like a garage sale in progress...(which is why the entertainment center is there, so we don\'t have to actually look at it) if we cleared out all of the random detritus perhaps shy wouldn\'t think it was an appropriate toileting spot...yeah, right. that\'s happening. while i am not suggesting your house has a similar \"how much do you want for it?\" corner, perhaps the cats have found a road less traveled to do their business. and why do we call it doing their business anyway? i doubt they take it that seriously. oh-also check behind any door which you tend to leave open...i once had a cat for whom an open door was the equivalent of a bathroom stall. it always wound up right in the corner with the door still mostly open...i can only conclude that she either backed in like she was making a delivery (well, she was) or \"closed\" the door behind her. go figure.
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