We don\\\'t purr!?

Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
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My purrson cares for a colony of ferals cats. By the time she found our Momma she was so far along with us my purrson couldn\'t abort. So now we are 4-5 weeks and purrson has managed to capture 2 of us ( she has seen 4 more!) and is caring for us in her home. The female eats Kitty Krack (A.K.A. Fancy Feast) but the male is only nursing with KMR in a bottle. Purrson cannot get us to purr!!! She has never seen a kitty that doesn\'t purr! We\'ve been to the vet and were told we are healthy. Anyone else have this problem?:-k


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    The kittens might still be a little too young to purr. I was about 4 months old before I ever purred! Just give it alittle more time.
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    Kittens purr when they are content and feel safe. As the kittens are just newcomers, they might not have been able to relax enough yet, and might just be scared because their mom is not there to protect them. Just keep being loving and tending to them, and they will start to relax more around you and eventually purr when you love on them. Also, some kittens do not purr loudly, if so you might not be able to tell if they are purring even if they were. I was a very soft purrer until I got big, nowadays I make up for all the silent purring in the past though. ;)
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    Boris, It\'s funny what you said. I think the kits needed to bond with me before the would purr. All three purred today AFTER I gave them each a bath ( to get rid of fleas). I bathed each one, flea combed and wrapped them up tight and lay them in the kennal they like to sleep in. I went to fold some wash and can back, stuck my had in the kennel to see if they had dried some and they all latched onto my arm, began suckling and PURRED!!!!!!! ;c; And boy are they loud! :h: Now everytime I go in the room where they are at they start purring and running to me! ~a~ It is truely amazing to see them change and learn new things almost hourly! Also, I read this with on the line at the store in some dinky book: Momma cats sit and relax and watch their babies play. That is a sign to the kit\'s that Momma is ready to feed them. As the tired ut they come to her to feed ( on in this case to the bowl of warm kitten milk) then crawl on me to ge a tummy rub, which makes them burp and off to sleep they go, usually in a pile.:^: My hubby had tears is his eyes ( he had been watching from the window!!!!) to see how connected and attached the kits have become.
  • Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
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    We have grown to 8 kits! Check us out if you are looking to adopt in the FL or NY area!
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