Do They Know How Beatiful They Are?

Diane ChewDiane Chew Member Posts: 1,094
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I'm always telling my cats, Izzy and Rio, how beautiful they are. Do you think that cats know they are beautiful? And graceful? And smart? I really want my boys to know I think so highly of them. I feel like when I spend time brushing them, I might be telling them they are special to me, I hope so.


  • Deb CainDeb Cain San AugustineMember Posts: 14,035
    edited 23 May, 2008
    Of course they know and need to be told, not to remind them, but to make sure YOU know how great they are. We love conversation and much praise!!!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 24 May, 2008
    Cats understand a lot more than we might think. It\'s not even just the tone of voice. The only time I have ever scolded Harvey was when I was taking him and Chibi to a cat show and made the mistake of putting them in the same carrier (an enormous airline type one big enough for a dog). He is not too fond of poor Chibi, who is the cutest, sweetest kitten on earth. He spent the whole taxi ride trying to maul her (biting, swatting, hissing). In a conversational tone, I said, \"You know, Harvey, if there\'s a Kitty Hell, that\'s where you\'re going to end up when you die if you don\'t quit picking on your sister.\" He glared at me, and was in a foul mood for the entire show, failing to win a single ribbon. Obviously, being in the same carrier as Chibi didn\'t put him in a good mood, but I really think he understood what I said (I\'ve never before said anything even vaguely mean to him), even though I said it in a nice voice. Moral of the story: praise your cats, and praise them some more. Don\'t scold. If you must deal with negative behavior, reason with them the way you would with a child. They understand FAR more than we give them credit for.
  • Janet WestJanet West StroudMember Posts: 2,239
    edited 24 May, 2008
    This is a really weird subject......'Do cats know how beautiful they are'? people know how beautiful they are? Sometimes . if you tell cats how beautiful they are (even if they are just a scraggy old moggy, like my beloved Conrad), they become beautiful - both to themselves and to human person works with people with learning difficulties and it works with them, too.....but also it works with EVERYONE, I think.....if someone tells me I am beautiful and special.....I become beautiful and special (even if only for a little while)..... My cats (4) are beautiful - to themselves, I think, and to me, and I am beautiful to them....... Everyone's life is hard and if your cats tell you you are beautiful and if you tell them they are beautiful......then life becomes a bit more bearable....... You are all beautiful..... Tambolina
  • Diane ChewDiane Chew Member Posts: 1,094
    edited 24 May, 2008
    Harvey, I have read your posts where you "hiss at judges" and I just can't help but laugh out loud. That is just so darn cute! And that you "taught" the other cats at shows to hiss at them is precious....maybe not for the judges! And tambolina, you are right...cats must think that their people are beautiful. That's very cute. Thank you. I just want my cats to know how very special they are.
  • Lissa NicholsonLissa Nicholson SydneyMember Posts: 1,562
    edited 25 May, 2008
    Tambolina, that was a lovely post:D
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
    edited 6 June, 2008
    yep, animals understand waaay more than you think. if i ask kaya if she\'s ready for some music, she frequently hops over to my computer while i connect to my music station. (yahoo music, if anyone cares) she doesn\'t do it every time, but i think that\'s when she\'s not in the mood...because if i turn on the music then, her ears will go back for a bit. and my brother\'s dog (poor thing) is frequently asked if he is a dog...he barks:q, as if to assure us that he is, in fact, a dog. (probably thinks we\'re retarded) i\'m sure he gets it, because if you ask him-same stupid, high-pitched tone of voice and inflection-if he\'s a cat, a squirrel, an albatross or whatever, and he\'ll just look at you funny. so yeah. we should definitely tell them how beautiful and special and purrrfect in every way they are-and take some care what else we say. not only because what we say informs our attitudes, but because more often than we imagine, they DO get it.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 7 June, 2008
    Mom says I definitely understand I am good looking. She has a funny story she tells of me darting to to the window (screened) in her bedroom whenever it was opened. I would then sit looking outside for people. Mom wondered why, until one afternoon she was taking a nap and overheard one of her neighbors just cooing at me. The neighbor lady told me what a handsome cat she thought I was, and how so very cute, and how I reminded her of her mom's orange kitty. Mom could not see me properly, as there were curtains between her and me, but she swears I basically got taller as each compliment was doled out, until I was basically in my "look at me, aren't I handsome" pose, and then heard me meow goodbyes to her when she was gone (or was it "come back, tell me some more nice stuff"? ;)).
  • Lissa NicholsonLissa Nicholson SydneyMember Posts: 1,562
    edited 7 June, 2008
    You go, Boris:D That was a great story.
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