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I was a scared cat living in a high-kill animal shelter 90+ miles away. I was very sick at the time. I had a terrible upper respiratory infection and eye infection. I was underweight, dehydrated and malnourished. I was to terrified to play and just wanted some human contact. Little did I know my life was fixing to change forever. To be continued......


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    oh my - we can't wait to hear more!!! We love happy endings and we're sure this is one. xoxoxoxo
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    Part 2 July 1, 2003, started out as what had become a typical day for me. The people from the shelter I was living at came and fed me like they normally did every morning. I felt just horrible so I did not eat much. Then everything changed. A person called a volunteer came and looked at me. The next thing I knew I was in plastic crate in a van. We drove for awhile and the van kept stopping. Eventually the van stopped at this place called Petsmart. The volunteer put the plastic crate in a shopping cart and went in. There were lots of dog toys there but I didn’t see anything for cats. Then the volunteer took me to a room, put me in a metal cage and left me. I was so scared. Soon people started coming in and looking at me. Nobody stayed very long though and I was so lonely. It was not long before this nice lady comes in, scratches my head and says “ you are such a nice cat”. However, she left me too. I was tired and decide I just had to have a good nap. Then, I was rudely awakened from my nap. The nice lady was back and she brought a man I never saw again with her. The man unlocked the cage and the women picked me up in her arms. I was in heaven. She then says “ I will take her. What do I need to do?" Then she left again. I was very confused. She came back though a few hours later with a plastic crate. She picks me up says “Liberty it is time to go home”. Then she put me in a car and she starts driving. It was real quite in that car so I started crying. So, the women turned on some music and I was not so scared. We drove for a long time before the lady said “ we are home”. However, I no longer understood what home was. We go inside, she opens the crate and I don’t know what to do. So, I went to the next room and huddled in the middle of the floor. I was now very scared. The lady kept trying to say she was my new Mommy but I did know what a Mommy was. She soon puts out water, food and a litter box. (I didn't need the litter box for 20 hours.) She tells me she will call the vet tomorrow for an appointment because I have a runny nose and eye. I was to tired to care. Soon, Mommy and I met my vet for the first time. However, I was so sick I didn’t care what he did to me. I had a temperature of a 103.8. (Mommy didn’t know it at the time but my normal temperature is only 101.2.) I had a raging Upper Respiratory Infection. The vet gave Mommy these awful medicines for me to take. However, it did not take long for me to feel better and my nose to start draining 6 colors. I was so hungry but every time ate I got sick to my tummy. Mommy looked at me a week after I got here and said “ I believe you have a food allergy because your tummy is forever upset”. She then feed me something that was strongly fished flavored. I threw it up all over the floor. Mommy goes okay so your probably allergic to fish. The next morning she left and came home that evening with new fish free food. She started mixing it with my old that night and within 3 days it was all I would eat. It was so nice to be able to eat without getting sick. A week after that I started eating like there was no tomorrow and never have stopped. Soon Mommy started calling me her statue cat. She caught me chasing my shadow one day. I was horrified. I waited for her to hit me and she was horrified that thought she would. I threw up a hairball and then hid 30+ minutes behind the sofa. Mommy didn’t seem to care. I was confused. I threw up another hairball and only hid for 20 minutes. Mommy didn’t seem care. I was even more confused. Then, I threw up a hairball on Mommy’s bed. She got to me before I could hide. I was scared. Mommy praised me for throwing up a hairball while I was doing it. Then, she gave me 20 minute of petting and scratching . I was in shock. I also learned to trust Mommy. Mommy decide the only way I would play was if someone taught me. So, I got 1 hour of play therapy a day with Mommy. It took about a month for me to figure out I didn’t need Mommy to play. It was 10+ months before I quit waiting to be hit. It was 20+ before I quit waiting to be kicked. I still don’t understand why Mommy doesn’t hit and kick but that is okay with me. I LOVE my forever home. Purrs- Liberty
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    Liberty, what a sad story with a happy ending! I am glad you found such a good home and nice Mommy!
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    Liberty I'm happy that you had a new beginning with a lovely mommy. You're with a person who will never hurt you and we're all happy to hear that. :D
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