How do I get my cat to stop biting my head?

Kiran Kaur SainiKiran Kaur Saini BurbankMember Posts: 54
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My kitty wakes me up in the middle of the night by clawing and biting my scalp and pulling my hair. How can I stop this behaviour? And it is not loving kneading, but more attack-like. He is not meanly aggressive, just sort of . . . determined. I don't want to have to lock him out of the bedroom every night. Anybody have a solution?


  • Yipee LadybugYipee Ladybug Member Posts: 3,805
    edited 11 July, 2006
    We have tried the following techniques...some inadvertently.... When Missy would come to me in the middle of the night crying for attention and I was half asleep, I've accidently pushed her off the bed. I don't recommend this b/c you feel very guilty after you're wide awake but after the first few times, they'll stop the behaviour. We recommend this one, but it does involve at least a few nights putting them outside the bedroom. Every time your kitty does the bad behaviour grab them, loudly say NO! and then put them outside and close the door. Ignore them and their pawing and crying about how sad and neglected they are. It's a trick!! Doing this every time they do the bad behaviour makes them realize that the bad behaviour causes them to be put in an unpleasant situation, ie. can't be with mommy and daddy. Eventually they will stop the behaviour to avoid the "unpleaseant situation". Best of all, it doesn't hurt them and gives you little stress. But you need to be consistent every time they bite your head. Good luck!
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