AM I ???? Ringtail???? (long)

Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
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I'm sure this is the wrong forum to post in but since I am up for adoption STILL I figured that this is the best one to post. I got an e-mail from Rocky (Hi Rocky) and he said that maybe I should list my self as an American Ring tail. As this is what I most seam to resemble. Mom got yelled at {e-mail style} from someone on KIJIJI posing as a "Profesional" Siamese breeder - she checked on them with the CCA and they are not listed there or on any of the american associations, so she figures they are only backyard breeders. All this because she was told by a local rescue that is how i should be listed due to my character. So my add on KIJIJI originally read "Domestic short hair / Siamese mix for adoption" now it reads "Domestic short hair with Oriental/Siamese personality 4 Adoption" Anyways Moms goal is to get me adopted to a loving family who will have the time required to help me feel secure. I want to know would it be possible for me to be listed as an American Ringtail. Mom doesn't know where I came from but she wants to be sure that who ever will adpot me is aware that my character is very similar to that of a siamese or oriental. If she has to post me as an American Ringtail to get a serious adopter she will. But before she does she wants to make sure that she is not lying and is not miss leading pepole. Mom has e-mailed Beth Gardener from Singaling cattery to find out some further information but has yet to get an answer ( I told her to be patient. - she's not ). If anyone else has any further knowldege of this breed mom would be very happy to hear. She is desperate to find me a good home. I've started taking off again so she knows it's bad for me right now.


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    I've never heard of an "American Ringtail". I don't even think those exist. You look like a regular domestic shorthair kitty with a long tail.
  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
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    Hi Chloe, If you look in the breed info section of this web site it there has the description of the american ringtail. It is a new breed only accepted as of july 2005 with TICA and was only started in breeding in 1999 by a lady who found a ferel kitten with a tail that formed a ring. There is a whole explination there with regards to the gentic characteristics and such. As well as links to known breeders. As I live in quebec and bought my little guy from a pet shop the likley hood that he comes from a mill that picked up one of these new breeds from a recognised breeder is strong but I am hoping that some one who has actually seen or knows of some one who has could tell me if I should list my little guy as such. I just don't want to miss lead anyone and do want to find him a wonderful home. Thanks for your imput anyway cloe. =;
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