Kim CroweKim Crowe Fort LauderdaleMember Posts: 16,515
edited 19 July, 2006 in Cat Health
Hi everyone, I posted last month in this forum because I have a cousin (the cat my mom grew up with) who is 18 and is having some age related problems. Everyone was so helpful my grandma was wondering if anyone out there might have some advice on giving cats a daily dose of Prednisone. The vet suggested it but my grandma was concerned about side effects. Does anyone else out there have any experience with the product? puuuurrrrrssss.... Picara


  • Helen ShapiroHelen Shapiro fair lawnMember Posts: 63
    edited 17 July, 2006
    I can understand her concern however at age 18 the benefits might outweight the negatives. Please have her discuss her concerns with her VET!!
  • sharon goffsharon goff Coltishall, Norfolk.Member Posts: 995
    edited 17 July, 2006
    Hello there. Cats tolerate steriods very well usually. I am sure as the previous kitty said the advantages out way the disadvantages at this age. Ask your vet to explain it thoroughly and discuss side effects. Good Luck.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 17 July, 2006
    Prednisone affects animals differently than humans. Cats actually tolerate it quite well. I have known many cats to be on pred. What are they putting you on pred for? Definitely wean to the lowest dose possible.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭
    edited 17 July, 2006
    I took prednisone for a long time for a suspected skin condition. I didn't notice any significant side effects.
  • Michelle BrunnerMichelle Brunner BlairsvilleMember Posts: 11,194
    edited 17 July, 2006
    Everyone has given you good advice. I've been on prednizone for a few years because I have asthma. Mom only gives it to me when I am really bad. I do have a weight problem which could be due to the prednizone. My vet has me on a special diet to cut down chances of diabetes setting in -- esp at my age. Prednizone is used for a lot of things. Best to discuss this with your vet! Good Luck!!
  • Jaime HodgsonJaime Hodgson OrwigsburgMember Posts: 19
    edited 18 July, 2006
    I\'ve been on prednisone for a little over a year. It controls my problems with my pads. Mommy watches my condition and tries to adjust my dose to how my pads look. My new vet said in time we would have to be concerned about watching my kidneys from long term use, because it looks like I will be on it for the rest of my life. We will probably start annual kidney screening just to be on the safe side. I\'m glad to take it twice a day and even got into a routine of opening my mouth for my mommy, I occasionally spit it out so I don\'t look to easy. It is definately a benefit to me at this time.
  • Kim CroweKim Crowe Fort LauderdaleMember Posts: 16,515
    edited 19 July, 2006
    Thanks everyone for your input and experiences. I have relayed the information and the link that was included. Simon's vet seemed to think it would help, but I think grandma feels better hearing from others who have experience with the drug. I'm sure your input will help her feel more secure in making a decision.
  • Greg OlsonGreg Olson San RafaelMember Posts: 286
    edited 19 July, 2006
    I have allergy issues and have been on many drugs including antihistimines, allergy shots, pred, cortisone shots, and temeral-p (which has pred in it). Unfortunately with all of the steroids I became diabetic and required insulin shots 2x daily for 2 months! Luckily the diabetes was transient and I\'m ok now but no more steroids for me! I\'m sure that I\'m the exception to the rule but I figured it would be good to know that it does have adverse side effects in some cases.
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