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How long can a CAT stay home alone

Gregory WilliamsGregory Williams NewarkMember Posts: 68
edited 26 July, 2006 in Cat Health
Hello Catster- I was wondering how long can a cat stay home alone? My dad has to go out of town over the weekend (saturday and Sunday) I don't like I want to travel so I will be home alone for 2 days.. Has anyone else every stayed home for 2 days alone..? I guess I will ahve total run of the house and be able to sleep in his bed, but I will so alone.. HELP my feline friends???????


  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 21 July, 2006
    You should have someone come and check on you at least once a day. Food, water, clean the litter box, give you some love and attention. They can make sure you have kept yourself out of trouble. They can make sure you aren't sick or injured. Have a neighbor pop in and check on you. It's much safer than staying home lone the whole time.
  • Helen ShapiroHelen Shapiro fair lawnMember Posts: 63
    edited 21 July, 2006
    is there someone you could trust?. I have a friend who checks in on my Loki once a day when i'm away just to top up their food bowl, scoop their litter tray, play with him etc..., personally I couldn't leave him alone for 2 days..
  • nastiya pascarinastiya pascari Member Posts: 46
    edited 21 July, 2006
    the cat can not stay at home to long he might stay a day or two but the day before you live hiom give him a lot of food and water so it would last.That is what I reccomend you to do.
  • Denise GraysonDenise Grayson BothellMember Posts: 2,468
    edited 21 July, 2006
    I agree with hunter. Even if you have a self feeding food and water bowl and plenty of food for two days you really need to have someone come in and check on you every day. Maybe a neighbor you can trust or pet sitters are not that expensive. My family got one and they came in twice a day and also cleaned my litter, watered the plants, brought in the paper and the mail and played with me. We cats are pretty independent and not like dogs who need a lot of attention all the time. But we do notice when our servants are not around and can get bored. So it is best to have someone check in at least once a day to make sure there is enough food and water, that we haven\'t been too naughty or haven\'t suddenly became sick.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 23 July, 2006
    Our mom has left us alone with lots of extra food and water put out for up to 2 days/3 nights. We have a 5L waterer that's always still half full by the time she gets back. If she has to be gone longer than that, there is a professional pet sitter that comes to check on us. She's really nice--we like her a lot!
  • Jaime HodgsonJaime Hodgson OrwigsburgMember Posts: 19
    edited 23 July, 2006
    Mommy is planning a get away for 5 nights and 6 days. I need medicine twice a day. She is planning on medicating me before she leaves, then my siblings and I will be alone for about 24 hrs & I will miss a med dose but the vet said it is ok. A family friend is going to chk on us twice a day to make sure I get my medicine, have fresh water and food and clean our litter boxes. We are attention craving cats and even when mommy is working a 16 hr shift we get anxious. We manage but its good to know that someone we like will be caring for us while mommy is gone. I suggest your vet contact info is left just in case of an emergency and any special instructions for example me and my meds. Good luck
  • Denine BlevinsDenine Blevins CharlotteMember Posts: 357
    edited 23 July, 2006
    Personally, Momma and dad refuse to leave me alone for more than a typical work day. Too much chance of something happening, like a fire in our apartment building. I\'ve had two cat sitters since I adopted them and so far, I like Stephanie best. Momma says that it\'s worth the money, since she doesn\'t have to worry about me while she\'s away.
  • Yipee LadybugYipee Ladybug Member Posts: 3,805
    edited 24 July, 2006
    My mommy and daddy have never had problems leaving us alone for two days. They make sure there are TONS and TONS of water and dry food, and goes around the house securing things to make sure we don't get into any trouble. More than that though, they arrange for friend to come in, not so much to feed and water us, since we always have plenty of both, but basically to come and pay us attention and play with us!
  • Cheryl AyerCheryl Ayer RockportMember Posts: 330
    edited 24 July, 2006
    My human won't leave me alone for more than one overnight. After that she'll have someone come in and look in on me once or twice a day, make sure I have food and water (which I always do, 'cause like most of you, she leaves TONS of food and water), and throw around a toy or give me some catnip. Even so, I still get very bored and greet my humans with tons of head-butting and purring when they get home. I will say that this is the ideal situation, and if you're really in a bind you can probably leave them for a couple of days, but anything more than that and you are risking that a health problem could arise that needs immediate treatment, and your cat could face serious consequences. Best to make nice with a neighbor or find a pet sitter you trust!
  • Michelle BrunnerMichelle Brunner BlairsvilleMember Posts: 11,194
    edited 24 July, 2006
    Mom lives in an apartment and the rules for people having pets say that a pet cannot be left alone for more than 12 hrs. I know that seems really strict. Mom, however doesn't have a problem with that. She always has a friend or relative stay with me or pays someone to come in and check on me. Mom is VERY overprotective. :) I do think you'll be all right as long as you have someone come in and check on you at least once a day. Good Luck. Keep us posted.
  • Melanie BenoitMelanie Benoit CochraneMember Posts: 3,101
    edited 25 July, 2006
    I have leave my cats alone for up to 3 days. Just be sure to have enough food and water. I had put water all over my app so the cats had some more water if they turn a bowl on the floor. They didn't seem to notice that I wasn't there for that long! I have done that for about a year on every w-e.
  • Ellen AtkinsonEllen Atkinson Wichita FallsMember Posts: 39
    edited 26 July, 2006
    Our dad works out of town, and our mom goes almost every weekend to see him. She leaves Friday afternoon late and comes home early Sunday afternoon. Mom gets nervous about it and we don't like it much, but we have large food & water containers, and 3 litterboxes. Lucy gets even by shredding toilet paper all over the house, and sometimes we dump the houseplants in the floor, just to let mom know how we feel about being left alone. And then we always show mom how much we love her when she gets home so she doesn't get too upset about the house, mol!
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