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Ashley BecnelAshley Becnel PrairievilleMember Posts: 3
edited 25 July, 2006 in Behavior & Training
my kitten loves scraps and always whines and crys when someone is eating and he doesn't get any....he eats so much and he is only 2 months there something wrong with this...and can i get him to stop wanting people food!!??


  • BruceTheBossBruceTheBoss Winslow, BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 37,079 ✭✭✭
    edited 23 July, 2006
    He he he, we dont think there is anything wrong, it is probably just normal behaviour. Mum seems to remember us doing it when we were smaller, but we are not too interested now, unless it is ice cream of course. How about your human tries feeding you your normal food at the same time they are going to eat, maybe it will distract you. Good luck, and keep us posted.

    Bruce The Boss

  • Yipee LadybugYipee Ladybug Member Posts: 3,805
    edited 24 July, 2006
    Your kitten sure knows where "the good stuff" is, hehehe. When me and Marie were kittens, we didn't just whine and cry. We would march up to mommy and daddy while they were eating (usually they were in the family room watching TV while having dinner) fact, right up to their plates to eat stuff, hahahahaha!! Mommy and daddy and to gently and consistently tell us with NOs and eventually with a water spray bottle to convince us that human food is not worth going for.
  • Melanie BenoitMelanie Benoit CochraneMember Posts: 3,101
    edited 25 July, 2006
    MOL, we do just about the same! We are actualy 7 months (mom need to update our pictures!) and we are real brats at wanting to eat human food! Anything taste good for us. You should look at Sammy's picture the one where hes in the pot! Mommy got him doing this while she had her camera on hand! He didn't notice that she took a picture. Sammy was about 5 to 7 month on that one!
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