Fur shedding ALOT!

Ismail AhmedIsmail Ahmed Qasimabad, HyderabadMember Posts: 25
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1.Since im a persian and have a thick coat of fur, my hair falling is troublin everyone in the house...Where ever i sit, i leave atleast 10 hair of mine.Moreover, the filter of the air conditioner in my room has to be washed every week! 2.Im drinkin fortified powdered milk once a day but i have heard that we cant digest milk other then from our mommies.Is that right? I get boiled chicken heads, chicken pieces(with some bone) and liver to eat twice a day.Is it fulfilling my diet requirements? 3.How to figure out if i have worms or ticks, fleas, mites etc? 4.What care does mommy has to take when im pregnant and when i give birth?What things are to be careful about?


  • Brittany ReedBrittany Reed Des Moines, IAMember Posts: 133
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    well. we can't answer a lot of those because we havent had worms or anything like that, and we are fixed, but as for shedding (which we know A LOT about here) we can help with. I've heard that the furminator brush works AMAZING. other than that, I get a hair cut in the summer, and that helps A LOT. Mom lets it grow back for winter, and we seem to do okay. Mom noticed a huge difference in our coats and shedding when we were switched to really really good food. a big difference! but we just wanted to respond to this to tell you how gorgeous you are. truly.... just beautiful.
  • Brittany ReedBrittany Reed Des Moines, IAMember Posts: 133
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    oh, one more thing, cats are lactoseintolorant which means that they can not digest milk properly. so i wouldn't give reeky any milk or milk products. i'd stick with water.
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
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    Yes you are so beautiful, I dont think that this diet will sustain you I think that someone else in here who feeds raw should answer this, but I dont think its good to feed to much liver, and chicken heads if they are boiled the bones would be very dangerous because they are cooked. All in all it looks good but Im not sure if its balanced. When pregnant you need a high protein diet that is for sure, and no cows milk. For the shedding I would buy the "Furminator" brush.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Reeky you are so fluffy and pretty 1. Brushing your fur every day will help remove the loose fur and reduce the amount you leave behind. Or as the others say you could get your fur clipped to an inch long. 2. Cats can't digest milk properly so its probably best to stop drinking that and just drink water. The food you eat sounds good as it is a nice mix of meat, bones and offal. You should check the postings on the raw foods diet forum as they give advice about the best mix for your health. Too much liver can be bad for you and raw bones are safer as they won't splinter when you eat them. You probably shouldn't have more than 5-10% of your total food be liver and it would be better to eat the chicken raw. 3.How to figure out if i have worms or ticks, fleas, mites etc? Fleas - if there are little black specs in your fur put them on a wet tissue and see if they turn red. That confirms flea dirt and fleas. Ticks - you'd be able to see these as their body sticks out above your skin and they are 2-3 mm long. If you find one be careful when you pull it out to make sure the head does not break off under your skin. Mites - your ears would have a lot of black sticky wax in them and you'd be scratching. Worms are a bit more difficult to detect. Monitor to see if you are getting skinny even though you are eating well, or have what looks like grains of rice around under your tail or obvious worms in vomit or stool. I'm not sure what kind of vet care or pet products you can get locally. Here you can get worming tablets from your vet and Advantage/Frontline/Revolution brand anti-flea/tick drops to put on the back of you neck. There are many dangerous products that are just pesticides sold to prevent fleas so watch out for those. 4.What care does mommy has to take when im pregnant and when i give birth?What things are to be careful about? Make sure you get lots of food as you will need about 2 times as much as normal while you are pregnant and 3 times as much as normal while you are suckling your kittens. You will want somewhere safe and private to make a nest to give birth in and keep your kittens. Maybe something like a box with somes blankets/towels in a cupboard. Tom cats can kill kittens so if the father cat lives with you keep him in a different area while the kittens are young. There's probably more good advice on the kittens forum. I'm not sure what products you can get locally. You may want to check out a site like http://www.drsfostersmith.com/ that can ship internationally if you can't get what you need at home.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭
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    Athena Marie is right about milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant. There are, though, milk drinks made for cats that have had the lactose neutralized with lactase enzyme (and usually have added vitamins and nutrients a cat needs). You can look for it in the pet supply stores. Even that, though, is better for a treat than as a regular part of your diet. Boiled chicken heads and a little chicken meat doesn't sound very balanced, but that's just my opinion. If are going to feed a home prepared diet, you should seek advice from feline nutritionist to learn about what to feed, in which proportions, and if any supplements will be needed. There are good resources online, too, if there aren't any veterinary nutritionists in your area. Athena Marie is right about cooked bones, too. Cooked chicken bones splinter and can be dangerous. As far as parasites (both internal and external), you should talk to your vet about diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Obviously, your vet can help you make sure you're at optimal health if motherhood is in your future. We have a "Shed Ender" comb, which is pretty much the same as a Furminator. It removes a lot of undercoat hair, which is what we shed the most. We like it pretty well, but then, all the cats in our family are short-haired. :))
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
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    1. Brush her everyday or have her shaved by a groomer. Use a rake brushing tool, it gets rid of the undercoat. Persians are grooming-intensive pets. We have the Furminator, I'm not sure if you have that where you live but if you do, it's a great tool. 2. This is not a healthy diet. Cats need taurine, which is a supplement found in cat food. Without it, they can become very very sick. Feed your cat food that is meant for cats. Wet cat food is ideal. 3. Take her to the vet. 4. Have her spayed. There is not a single reason why she shouldn't be spayed.
  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
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    Matilda, Taurine is found in all meat. It is not only an artificial supplement added to commercial cat food. It is especially concentrated in darker meats. Reeky, I agree that this diet does not seem varied enough to meet all of your nutritional needs. The accepted ratio for a prey model raw diet is 80% muscle meats (including skin, connective tissue and fat), 10% bone and 10% organ (only half of that amount should be liver). As for how much to feed per day a good guide is to feed 2-4% of your cat's body weight (or goal weight) per day. Depending on their metabolism and activity level you may need to adjust the amount. If they seem too thin, feed more. Too fat, feed less. Feed as much variety as you reasonably can. Forget the milk. Offer water. Your cat will get almost all of their water from their raw food, but you should always have fresh water available. Is there a reason that you're cooking the meats instead of offering it raw? Cats are specifically designed to consume raw meat and bone and to deal with the bacterias and such. Cooking is unnecessary and depletes the nutrients in the meat. And feeding cooked bone is dangerous! Cooked bone becomes brittle and can splinter causing serious injuries to your cat. Raw bone is soft and easily consumed by your kitty carnivore. I don't have any experience with pregnant and lactating queens, so I will leave it to an expert to tell you how much more food to feed and if anything else should be added to her diet. Are you a breeder or why do you want Reeky to get pregnant?
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    I'm thinking that maybe clear fresh water is not an option where Reeky lives? Some places do not have fresh water available the way the U.S. is. Perhaps that's the same reason why her humans is also cooking the meat, because they get it fresh from a market, and therefore there is no way for them to know if it is human grade consumption? Anyway, since water is not really drunk for nutrients (I think), Reeky's owner should be able to boil water to sterilize it, and then store it somewhere until it is cool, and offer it to Reeky then? Mom says that she had to drink water like that on occasion, and it doesn't taste as great as fresh running water, but it's better than nothing. The shedding is probably due to poor nutrition, so her owner should try to get more muscle meat for her (drumsticks or breast meat). But even well nourished cats with thick and long coats shed a lot, so brushing for a persian is a must. Worms and all that? Vet visits if you can. There is no way around testing for internal parasites than having a stool sample analyzed by professionals (they know what to look for). As for pregnancy care? No idea.
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