Pikapet is saying bad things about catster!

Sara VeizagaSara Veizaga Member Posts: 100
edited 3 September, 2008 in Plus Friendly
well It all started when I was posting on forums on pikapet, when I saw somthin' that said I think pikapet is sooo much better that catster all of the cool cats say bad words to me ect. ....so what? Everyone has tough times in life..even me. Nothing is bad about pikapet, I just think that is mean. who agrees?:?


  • Kristyn LuksKristyn Luks Member Posts: 32,266
    edited 15 July, 2008
    Snowy, I am apart of the Pikapet community and I am assuming they think Pikapet is better because it has very little rules, unlike catster who keeps things under control. Most of the time it's chaos on there, but I still go on there to talk to my furiends.
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Member Posts: 4,011
    edited 16 July, 2008
    I've also heard that on pikapet stealing photo's goes on around there. I've heard of a dogster dog who's had his photos stolen a few times for pikapet
  • Lydia KizziarLydia Kizziar North East TexasMember Posts: 6,153
    edited 17 July, 2008
    Pikapet sounds like a bunch of crazy out of control cats. That's why I'm on Catster instead.
  • Patricia WanzenriedPatricia Wanzenried Kettle FallsMember Posts: 7,273
    edited 17 July, 2008
    I never heard of Pikapet and I guess Im kind of glad. MOL
  • Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
    edited 18 July, 2008
    There are cats and dogs who are on both Catster and Pikapet. Someone posted in a Pikapet forum that they preferred Catster and were leaving Pikapet. It turned into a silly *I prefer Catster* or *I prefer Pikapet* squabble. Some cats and dogs wrote that they are ignored on Catster/Dogster by the *popular* cats and dogs and liked Pikapet better. No big deal! The Pikapet website and forums are completely unmoderated and a total free-for-all. Most of the members are young and most are nice, but arguments, fights, name calling, doing nasty things to each other and accusing each other of cheating in the photo contests and being fakes are the norm there.
  • Patricia BrisenoPatricia Briseno Huntington BeachMember Posts: 357
    edited 18 July, 2008
    Meowsa! I think I'll stay here where it's safe. My Mamew wouldn't let me hang out someplace like that anyways. :-O
  • Sara VeizagaSara Veizaga Member Posts: 100
    edited 18 July, 2008
    it's just hard to see the site I'm closest to be abused mol...no seriously:((
  • TRACY YOUNGTRACY YOUNG New YorkMember Posts: 6,538
    edited 18 July, 2008
    Sticks and stones, Snowy. :-h
  • Lisa KeyserLisa Keyser Tri-CitiesMember Posts: 355
    edited 21 July, 2008
    Hmm... I don\'t have any experience with this \"Pikapet\" but I am pawsitive that it CANNOT be better than Catster...;)
  • Taunia DeMosleyTaunia DeMosley Member Posts: 66
    edited 22 July, 2008
    I\'ve never heard of Pikapet, but if they\'re going to be mean, I hope they get fleas. :^:
  • Humphrey HauntedHumphrey Haunted CaliforniaMember Posts: 10,753
    edited 27 July, 2008
    I dun knows anything about Pikapet and shnever heard of it before reading thish, but we left myspace bc it had no rules and wash a miserable place fur ush, tho we did meet some wonderful furriends who we try to shtay in touch w via email and shome came over here too - I can't imagine any site being better than Catster, bc it hash those wonderful rules, and wow, what a huge difference from what we endured on a site with no rules - we would never go back to anything like that again - we loves peace, and manners and fun! To each their own, of course, but we loves it here, yesh! :c9
  • Deb O'NeillDeb O'Neill PerkasieMember Posts: 8,659
    edited 27 July, 2008
    Couldn't have said it better, Humphrey!! =D>
  • Eloise AbrahamEloise Abraham WimbledonMember Posts: 313
    edited 7 August, 2008
    Never heard of Pikapet :?
  • Head Scratch -Head Scratch - CheshireMember Posts: 44
    edited 17 August, 2008
    Never heard of pikapet,but am familiar with internet site wars/e-hissyfits. There isn't any need for them or big dramas about leaving,as users are free to leave and go to another site and go back later if they want to,and it's perfectly ok to use more than one if want to. If some of the users don't like catster,thats fine,it's good to be able to have that choice ,but their view definitely does not apply to everyone.
  • Benji ThompsonBenji Thompson Member Posts: 7,380
    edited 17 August, 2008
    Pikapet is mostly kids. Seriously. I spoke to someone there that was 9 years old. Don't let them get to you. I have nieces and nephews older than a lot of them. I take what they say with a grain of salt. %:D%
  • PaisanPaisan MemphisMember Posts: 1,342 ✭✭✭
    edited 18 August, 2008
    There is nothing bad to say about Catster! Catster is awesome, so there!|^|
  • terri echolsterri echols kalamazooMember Posts: 4,758
    edited 18 August, 2008
    you can always switch between them according to your current mood or whatever...no need for anybody to slam anybody, or for anybody (or any site) to pretend to be perfect in order to feel \"okay\". does that makes sense?
  • Deb CainDeb Cain San AugustineMember Posts: 14,035
    edited 18 August, 2008
    I have a Pikapet account also. I have my petpet guinea pig on there with me. I choose not to get involved in the controversy. I do know that there have been photos stolen from Dogster as someone elses pet on Pikapet. That is where all this about fake pets came up. Everyone over there has started to copywrite all of their photo and imikimi's ect. Catster as we know allows us to lock our photos. I also know that there are many Catsters and Dogsters on PKP. Since PKP does not have policing their site high on their list, we just have to police ourselves and choose our friends more carefully.
  • Jeanette CereskeJeanette Cereske San FranciscoMember Posts: 16,444
    edited 19 August, 2008
    What could be better than Catster?? MOL!! I love Catster!! ;c;;c;;c;;c;;c;;c;
  • Lauren Di GiorgioLauren Di Giorgio Somewhere over the rainbowMember Posts: 11,617
    edited 20 August, 2008
    We don't have a Pikapet page, but we only hear bad things about Pikapet. For once, it's just MEAN that they say bad things about Catster. What where they thinking????? Catster rocks. 8D Second, I hear SO much about picture stealing and fakes. Here if there's a fake or stolen pictures, it's reported to Catster HQ as soon as possible, and the page is removed as soon as possible. Way to go, HQ!=; Third, they have no rules! How can someone run a site without any rules?? I just don't get it.:? So, what's the point in saying bad things about Catster? They are dumb and JELOUSE, that's all.|^|
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
    edited 21 August, 2008
    I've never heard of it. I just went to check it out and the layout/web design hurts my eyes too much to stick around.
  • Lorraiane TaylorLorraiane Taylor New JerseyMember Posts: 7
    edited 21 August, 2008
    iam new at this whole thing, and if my momma chose this site for me and my other furry siblings, then its good for me!!! so far am having a "meow" of a time meeting new cats... :-h
  • edited 21 August, 2008
    I'd rather stay on Catster...never heard of pikapet before this... as for "popular" cats (or dogs on Dogster) perhaps it's because they talk to so many people & get involved in the Catster community? just a guess...we can all be pawpular, we just reach out our paws to others & have so many opportunities to make furrends...that's part of why I love Catster when I was new, I had so many kitties reaching out to welcome me & my family, it felt really good! overall, Catster has been a furry pawsitive place for me & my family so we don't want to even check out someplace that's going to name call (that's just not nice)
  • Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
    edited 21 August, 2008
    When I first joined Pikapet, I saw pages over there of kitties we know on Catster. Even though I was surprised to see them there, at first I thought it really was them. Someone had stolen all of their photos and bios from Catster and was on Pikapet pretending to be them. The real kitties were not on Pikapet but found out about it and exposed the fakes and had them kicked off of Pikapet. (Pikapet does remove fakes if you can prove it). But fake photos and fake pets are not uncommon over there. I was on Pikapet for only a short time because some friends left Catster and went there and I wanted to keep in touch but left about 2 months ago. There are some very nice kitties and pups over there, but overall, it\'s too negative and not much fun. I LOVE Catster! Catster is THE best and this is where we\'re staying. :D |/h/||/h/||/h/|
  • Saskia RottbeckSaskia Rottbeck CairnsMember Posts: 26,400
    edited 23 August, 2008
    I had a Pikapet account but I left a week ago because of all the drama and cursing. I'm glad that I left, it's mostly just kids on their and because there isnt really any rules they do what they want.
  • Debbie StuckerDebbie Stucker Member Posts: 9,042
    edited 24 August, 2008
    This Pikapet place sounds HORRIBLE! I\'m glad I\'m a Catster and we have moderators and stuff. I don\'t even want to go LOOK at that other place, it sounds so mean! I\'m sure there are nice kits there, but I don\'t want to take the chance of meeting someone nasty! I\'m very sensitive! Me and my furrmily LOVE our fellow Catsters!! :-h
  • Chanda DeFoorChanda DeFoor Mount AiryMember Posts: 373
    edited 30 August, 2008
    Catster rules!! ;c;
  • Alexis McCabeAlexis McCabe Member Posts: 942
    edited 3 September, 2008
    I signed up for pikapet out of caterosity (and trying to make a page for my iguana--who recently passed may he R.I.P) but eh... i really didnt do anything with it.. i just came back to good ole catster/dogster
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