Kitten Feeding issues - PLEASE HELP

Pamela FerrisPamela Ferris RoanokeMember Posts: 150
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Hello kitties, when I arrived at my foster home, they had me on wet A/D food, since I have no momma cat. After one day it upset my tummy and I didn't even like it. So, my family got me some milk replacement, after the first day of that, I realized it was nice to be full and started going through bottles like a mad woman! Well, it is estimated that I am about 6 weeks old now, so they starting mixing my milk with the A/D wet food...not only did I not like it - I started throwing up. So, last night, I had just milk to calm my belly. This morning they gave me some of the "Step Two" milk stuff, for kitties weaning off momma or the bottle - but I didn't think much of it. I ate some, but I am not taking it like I did the bottles - it seems I am taking just enough to satistfy me. My family is not worried about the vomiting from yesterday, that has not reoccured - so they are just saying no more A/D food... What is wrong with me? Is is possible that I my body is "behind"? I would say I weigh about 1-1.5 pounds. Please help me! I am to adorable to be hungry! *Kisses* Misty May


  • Nicole ZiembaNicole Ziemba Member Posts: 295
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    Isn't a/d for cats and dogs (not specific to cats) that have been injured or are sick...helps in the healing process - so they say? Hills is not a good food, at least I find that in my research. Look at the ingriedients....this is not a food for a weaning kitten. Find a food that is for kittens, she may like it better but still want the bottle. Good luck momma! :)
  • Pamela FerrisPamela Ferris RoanokeMember Posts: 150
    edited 6 September, 2008
    Yes, A/D is for both cats and dogs - I think they sent it with her because she has no momma - to give her extra care - but she DOES NOT LIKE IT!!! We just tried adding a TOUCH of Gerber chicken baby food to the 2nd step kitten food so that it would have some flavor - helped a tad bit.... She is eating what she wants, not screaming for food and playing like crazy - I am just concerned because she doesn't eat near what she was taking from a bottle...this is the first time we have had them without momma this young....
  • Janet PlymireJanet Plymire IllinoisMember Posts: 344
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    Misty May let me start out by saying you are too adorable! I\'m so happy you found a good home. ;c; If your mommy can find you some Wellness Kitten Food I think you would like that. She can start out giving you just a small amount at a time and still supplement with your milk until you are eating enough. Wellness is a great food and has no grains and it will help you grow strong and be a gorgeous cat! You are sooo sweet, good luck little one |:|
  • Pamela FerrisPamela Ferris RoanokeMember Posts: 150
    edited 7 September, 2008
    I know - I am so family tells me at least 100 times a day! :) I did better last night - mommy is now feeding me the food while I sit in her lap and I clean the plate! I am not spoiled or anything! Hopefully that will continue and I can get big and strong - I will be the only adult that has to sit on mommy's lap to eat....purrrr Thanks for the help *Misty May*
  • tracy baytracy bay Member Posts: 26
    edited 7 September, 2008
    i just finished going through that with my kitten ( not the milk part) just the food. finally she likes the Evo (for cat& kitten) wet food. its no grains and she loves it. she refuses to eat dry so wet it shall be. she was 2lbs when i first got her now she weighs 3 lbs
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