Luca plays across a dangerous road...

Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
edited 6 August, 2006 in Plus Informational
But our girl doesn\'t seem too happy about it. She tells him not to go across it anymore, but he ignores her and goes anyway. I\'m sure he knows what could happen to him if he isn\'t careful... But the girl is being upset about it. It\'s his first day off the porch after his vet visit. Is there anything that could help our girl convince or stop Luca from going across the road? We don\'t want him to end up like our Beloved Arlene!


  • BruceTheBossBruceTheBoss Winslow, BuckinghamshireMember Posts: 37,079 ✭✭✭
    edited 31 July, 2006
    Hhhmmm is it possible to keep Luca inside?

    Bruce The Boss

  • Christa SielskiChrista Sielski ChattanoogaMember Posts: 1,650
    edited 31 July, 2006
    They already have 2 cats inside and mom thinks it's enough. She said that she's been to friend's homes that had many cats and she said their houses smelled bad. I know it's what happens, it's what a litter box does. The girl asked her if we could so many times, told her they would be safer and happier, but she doesn't like it when they jump up on the counter, the smell, and the shedding. All that can be tooken care of, she told her but... mom just thinks 2 indoor cats are enough. Well... is there anyway our girl can convince mom into it?
  • Patricia HodgePatricia Hodge WatertownMember Posts: 14,819
    edited 3 August, 2006
    Simba, you need to tell your girl or show her that going out near a dangerous road is very bad.. litter does not smell if you have enough boxes , you should always have one box per cat, also the new litters are very good at odor control, keeping them cleaned every day.. mommsie use to have lots of kitties, you never know her had them.. I have two boxes just for me.. also for the counters, spray bottle of water works, coins in a can , shake them, make sure there is no way to jump up there.. if go away put kitties in room with door. as for shedding, if you have one cat you mights as well have three, I a persian, every morning, mom is attacked by huge tumble weeds of blue fur flying around the hall when the wind comes through... if her not do this tell your girl she should find new kitty a home where he be safe, sounds like she a nice girlie.. Bluie
  • Cassandra GriffinCassandra Griffin OmahaMember Posts: 4,662
    edited 6 August, 2006
    i agree with blueie
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