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New kitten not eating!

Katherine KapotsyKatherine Kapotsy Member Posts: 4
edited 29 September, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Well, I got Chloe on Thursday last week, September 11. She seemed like she was doing great that first day, scuttling around my house , finding good hiding places, and giving me love. I took her to the vet Friday where she got dewormed and put on Albon for diarrhea. Since then, I feel like I've been force feeding her for all her nutrition (Been giving her KMR). She hardly eats on her own, even though I set out canned food heated up, canned food diluted, crunchy food with warm water, and crunchy food plain. I've been trying to experiment with the different combinations to see which she likes best, and I can't seem to find anything that entices her. She's about five weeks old, maybe six, I got her from an animal shelter and they didn't know exactly. I'm just at my wits end, and want to know what should be done!


  • Tara WTara W St. PaulMember Posts: 939
    edited 15 September, 2008
    I haven't ever had a kitten that young. All of my kittens I've ever had were a good 12 weeks before they were taken from the mother. I think that if she is only 5 or 6 weeks she might be too young for solid food yet. Why don't you just wait a week or two and then see if she changes her mind. Also kitties that young haven't had a chance to learn manners from their momma, so be mindful of how you play with her because all that nipping and kicking is cute now, but it won't be when she's older and stronger.
  • Katherine KapotsyKatherine Kapotsy Member Posts: 4
    edited 15 September, 2008
    She's got some sharp little teeth, and has crunched very sporadically on some kitty chow... She actually had me faked out last night, she was so into the food that I thought the no-eating problems were solved. But today she has continued to not eat. I don't think she's been eating during the night, I feel like I would have noticed if there were some difference to the amount of food between the night and morning... I just don't know what to do. I hate to give her that syringe--she hates it, too.
  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 September, 2008
    I would call the shelter you got her from and ask if she was just taken off her mom. She may not be fully weaned yet. If the shelter said she is weaned and eating on her own, ask them what they were feeding her. If you're feeding her dry food it may be too hard for her. Moisten it with warm water and wait a few minutes for the kibble to expand and become mushy, then give it to her. She may be missing her siblings. Be sure to give her something to cuddle when it's time for her to sleep -- kitten-sized plush toys -- so she feels she's sleeping with her siblings. Also, did your vet say why Chloe has diarrhea? The deworming and medication may be making her nauseous.
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
    edited 15 September, 2008
    She's cute. I would call the shelter to see if she had even been eating solid food on her own or if she was recently weaned when you adopted her. That is -quite- young and usually shelters aren't that bad about adopting out kittens so early, even though none of them seem to keep kittens til 12 weeks. Either way, either call or go back to the vet for advice. Kibble should not be made wet, ever. It's just not good for it and causes bacteria to grow at an alarming pace. Also ask the shelter what they were feeding and offer the same food to see if she'll eat. Of course, if it's an awful food (like Kitten Chow, hint hint) transition her to something better once she is eating a healthy amount on her own. Also keep in mind that a kitten that young will just not eat very much food as she is very very small.
  • Shira WildShira Wild New Smyrna Beach, FLMember Posts: 312
    edited 16 September, 2008
    I left you a note at " Health".
  • Mia JadeMia Jade Member Posts: 1
    edited 16 September, 2008
  • Rae HattenRae Hatten HeidelbergMember Posts: 63
    edited 16 September, 2008
    It could just be stress. I wouldn\'t eat for days when I was first brought home AND when we moved. Just be patient. Leave out food and sooner or later she\'ll get hungry enough---and her nerves will settle!---so she\'ll eat :) Of course, make calls and if you suspect she\'s sick by all means talk to the vet!
  • Janet PlymireJanet Plymire IllinoisMember Posts: 344
    edited 16 September, 2008
    Hi Chloe, How are you doing today? I\'ve read about you not wanting to eat and I hope you are feeling better and your appetite has picked up a bit. Has your mom got you any new canned foods to try? I\'d like to recommend Wellness canned. We have been eating it for some time now and are doing very well. Also maybe your mom could get you some human baby food like Beechnut Turkey or any meat flavor without any onion in it. Sometimes this will give your appetite a boost, then you eat your kitten food. You are so little and sweet. I will be purring for you to start eating so you can grow strong and healthy. Purrs |:|
  • Julia DunnJulia Dunn ColumbusMember Posts: 5
    edited 17 September, 2008
    By some Gerber's chicken baby food and try that. It has always worked with kittens that I have fostered. You can mix it with some of the KMR also and put into a bottle or a syringe. We will say some extra prayers for your baby.
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