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Am I done being a kitten? Mommy is sad

Christina SampsonChristina Sampson BostonMember Posts: 37
edited 22 September, 2008 in Kitten Corner
You might remember my last post "Do you think I'm fat?" Mommy posted that when I was 6 months old because I was already 10 pounds and had a floppy belly (I was neutered at 11 weeks, that might have something to do with it). I was 2 pounds when she took me home at 12 weeks old (January) and I grew really, REALLY fast. Mommy thought I was going to be a giant kitty but maybe not. Well now I'm 9 months old and I'm still 10 pounds! I look a little different, maybe a little longer/slimmer, but it's hard to tell, and my face looks more grown up. Mommy still calls me a kitten/baby but other people say "cute cat". Is it common for a kitten to reach full size at 6 months old? Do you think I'll have another growth spurt? Mommy still thinks I look little next to my big brother Sidney. He's about 15 pounds and Mommy says he's "curvy" just like her and that means more to love. Here's a few recent pictures. I'm the tabby and Sidney is the cow cat. Am I "Grown Up Marley" now? Does Mommy have to stop calling me a kitten?


  • Christina SampsonChristina Sampson BostonMember Posts: 37
    edited 12 August, 2008
  • Christina SampsonChristina Sampson BostonMember Posts: 37
    edited 15 August, 2008
    I'm starting to think nobody likes me around here. I don't get any replies. :(
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 15 August, 2008
    Hi Marley, sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I would say you are a teenage kitty. If your mom still wants to call you a kitten that is fine. Mine still calls me her kitten and I am about to turn 5. I wish I had an answer about the growth. I am huge, 16lbs and just an overall big cat. My sister LuLu is 10 lbs and has been her whole life. She is 12 now. I think each kitty is different in how they grow and what size they grow to. I bet you still have lots of that kitten energy.~a~
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 15 August, 2008
    Well, my big brother Mr. Fez had a late growth spurt (at 7-10 months of age) - Mom and the vets thought he was going to be a small cat. He fooled them! Cats are usually considered kittens until 1 year old. In cat shows, however, kittens usually move to the adult classes once they are 8 months old. Mom still calls me her "kitten" though sometimes and I'll be 2 next month! Anyway, don't be too surprised if you have one last growth spurt and yes, your mom can still call you a kitten for as long as she wants!
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 15 August, 2008
    It's Fluff. Marley look at my recent pictures--and Queenie's as well. She is clearly fully grown, ears the right size for her head, getting chunky, etc. I on the other hand just look like an enormously long kitten, giant ears, big clumsy paws, etc. Clearly I have some growing to do to be an adult. While the cut-off stage for kittenhood is one, most cats do some growing or changing in appearance between one and two. By two you will have your fully adult appearance. So you still have a few months of legal kittenhood? And some growing to do! Purrs! :-h
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 15 August, 2008
    Most cats will reach full skeletal size by about a year old (some a little sooner, some a little later). You'll probably continue to gain muscle (and maybe a little blubber) until you're about two. After that, it's all blubber! :))
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
    edited 22 August, 2008
    I think I hit full size at about 7 months, even though my mom fed me kitten food until I was 11 months old (now I eat an all-life-stages food instead of an adult maintenance food). I was spayed when I was 5 1/2 months old. I think I am always going to be a small cat (I weigh about 7 lbs.). My sister Mattie is closer to 10, but we are not biologically related.
  • Jenn ByrdJenn Byrd ParkvilleMember Posts: 16
    edited 25 August, 2008
    Hay, we're name twins! I'm only three months old, and I already weigh 4.2 pounds. Mommy said that the vet said kittens stop growing between six and eight months. So maybe you'll grow a little more? Probably not much though.
  • Arlye DruryArlye Drury DartmouthMember Posts: 826
    edited 25 August, 2008
    Cats change throughout their lives, just like people do. They go through all of the stages, just at an accelerated rate. Kittens don't stay kittens...learn to love each stage as it developes.
  • Christina SampsonChristina Sampson BostonMember Posts: 37
    edited 14 September, 2008
    Mommy loves me more than ever! And I\'m still 10 pounds. It looks like I\'m done growing. I still act like a silly kitten though...
  • Sue BazySue Bazy Slate BeltMember Posts: 8
    edited 15 September, 2008
    I'm six months old and I weigh almost 10 pounds. I still have some growing to do. My vet sed I'm gonna weigh about 15 pounds when I'm 1. :^: Ur still a kitten, only, like me, ur just a big kitten--and we're gonna b big cats--big babies! |^|
  • Debra PietrowskiDebra Pietrowski Sussex CountyMember Posts: 1,833
    edited 16 September, 2008
    I heard that Kittenhood ends at about 9 months old. (As per a breeder)
  • Maggie BradshawMaggie Bradshaw Member Posts: 506
    edited 16 September, 2008
    All kittys are different in thier growing, especially if they are DHSs bcause you dont have any kind of standard! Clawdia is about 9 and weighs maybe 6 or 7 lb. she is jsut a tiny little skittish thing, but Phil is about 2 1/2 and weights about 13 lbs and isn't very fat (though hes started to get a little chunky. he was spayed late in life, which might have kept him trim until then..and he was also pretty ill for a while) I think they're kittens until about a year, then kind of teenager-y/20s for another two years,and then pretty much adults until thier geriatric old farts around 9 or 10 even though can keep living much longer. I remember there being some sort of timeline for cat years on the front page here a few months ago...
  • Christina SampsonChristina Sampson BostonMember Posts: 37
    edited 22 September, 2008
    News!!!! I got bigger!!!!! Mommy thought I was looking bigger tonight. She just looked at me and my big brother when we were eating dinner and said, \"Marley, you ARE bigger\". She took out that scale thing. That thing makes her sad sometimes but I guess it\'s ok for the kitties. She put us on it, and I\'m 11.5 pounds now! The last time she weighed me on 9/10/08 (10 months) I was still 10 pounds. I was stuck at 10 pounds since 6 months. That\'s really big for a 6 month old kitten and Mommy was worried that I was too big. Then she was worried that I stopped growing too early. I\'ll be 11 months old in a couple of weeks and I\'m growing again! Maybe I will be a big kitty after all! I look almost as big as my brother. He\'s 14 pounds. My tail is bigger! I\'m almost look as big as him now! By the way, Mommy says she doesn\'t hate that scale thing so much anymore. She says she can wear pants she hasn\'t worn in 3 years and that makes her happy. I don\'t know much about pants. I don\'t wear them! I just want my food on time, with cold spring water, at 7:30am every day! I\'m glad I don\'t have to deal with those silly human things like pants! Mommy is going to have a big party when I turn one! A really big birthday party like she had for my brother!! And I might be bigger than my brother, and Mommy, by then!
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