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Favorite treats?

Amanda StarAmanda Star VictoriaMember Posts: 221
edited 3 January, 2009 in Food & Nutrition
Well, Meowma recently ran out of the holistic kitty treats she was giving us (Bench and Field- no gross ingredients, and mostly fish so super smelly!), but found that the supermarket no longer carries them. So, we need a new brand of treats! The stinkier and fishier the better. She'd prefer they were reasonably healthy (no cereal or by products), but she's not too picky when it comes to treats (just draws the line at meat byproducts). Right now she's just treating us with bits of the Oscar Meyer roast beef deli slices, but those are expensive and she can't keep it up! She does a lot of trick training with us (I can sit pretty, high five, touch objects, sit, and we're working on spin) and so we eat a fairly large number of treats!


  • Lucybelle GLucybelle G Member Posts: 96
    edited 24 September, 2008
    Bonito flakes would be hit with your kitty. Kitty Kavier is a great brand to try and also try Cherby's Tilapia Fish Jerky.
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 24 September, 2008
    Wellness just came out with some treats, and Ive heard cats love them, also Ziwipeak has some good ones too. =;
  • Sharon BraatenSharon Braaten Great BarringtonMember Posts: 842
    edited 24 September, 2008
    We love feline greenies! We also love cheddar cheese! :D
  • Maggie BradshawMaggie Bradshaw Member Posts: 506
    edited 25 September, 2008
    Squeeks and Phil love greenies, and also Spot's Stew makes freeze dries meat treats that are 100% meats, jsut dried up! and they have a yummy stinky salmon flavor.
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
    edited 27 September, 2008
    I think Wellness makes kitty treats.
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
    edited 27 September, 2008
    Wellness treats are great! Atrus really likes them
  • Amanda StarAmanda Star VictoriaMember Posts: 221
    edited 28 September, 2008
    Thanks for the suggestions, kitties! Meowma's pet supply store officially STINKS! They didn't have ANY Wellness or Ziwipeak or Kitty Kaviar or ANY of those brands! They just had a tiny little shelf with some MaxCat treats, pounce treats and some so called 'holistic' treats that when Meowma looked, were nothing but different types of starch with 'natural poultry flavour'. This coming from a store that Meowma buys Wellness Core (recently switched from Evo), and Evo cans from! They have awesome food.. but NO decent treats! Purr-thetic! The only tasty looking ones they had were these things called PoGos, which were actual freeze-dried tuna, calamari, rabbit, and mouse.. but they were $12 a package! Yipes! Meowma could get some real feeder mice for that price! Do any of you kitties know anywhere good to shop for kitty treats in Seattle? Meowma might try the local PetCo, but they rarely have any especially good ones- they don't carry too much high quality food (they have Blue Buffalo and Solid Gold and a couple other holistic ones with rice, but no Evo or CORE, or any of the good grain free brands) so Meowma's hopes aren't too high for treats.. but it's a big store, so who knows! The Wellness treats sound especially good, since we just switched from Evo dry to Wellness CORE, because Evo was causing problems (the kibbles were partially disintegrating into dust, so there would be a pile of kibble dust at the bottom of the bowl), and CORE is 4% less fat (Carson needs to lose weight). And so far we've been tearing up the stuff!
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 28 September, 2008
    I love Cranberry Crunchies!!! My mommy also gives us a little fresh fish for treats or shrimpies!!
  • Nicole JonesNicole Jones Fort CollinsMember Posts: 128
    edited 28 September, 2008
    Do you live by any of the Pet Pros stores? My family lives in the south puget sound area and there are a few of these. There is one right by my mom's house and they carry premium pet food and then they also have some premium treats too.
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 28 September, 2008
    It isn't in Seattle but the pet store at the Totem Lakes Mall has lots of premium food and I believe premium treats. They sell all of the good stuff including Orijen. Grizzly Salmon makes some dried salmon that is good as well as the cat-man-du bonito flakes.
  • Chanda DeFoorChanda DeFoor Mount AiryMember Posts: 373
    edited 28 September, 2008
    Oh, yeah! We love Kitty Kaviar, too. Yum!
  • J- SandersJ- Sanders Member Posts: 6
    edited 30 October, 2008
    My favorite treat is \"Hawaiian Pacific Blue Marlin Fish Jerky\" made fresh in Hawaii. You can order it from Doggies Unlimited. Their beef jerky is also great. Check it out - yum yum
  • Heidi WeaverHeidi Weaver Living in VA; home ArkansasMember Posts: 73
    edited 31 October, 2008
    I like these: ) Zukes have hip action w/ stuff good for hips :) and Purrz for regular cats too :) they are totally healthy and holistic.. and they are about $4 / bag.. you can order on line the shipping is very reasonable.. also Zuke's website has a store locator.. in a big city like Seattle, I'm SURE you can find Zukes!!! Also: at my local pet co (here in VA) I like the wellness ok (pretty rich) , the blue buff as you said makes treats, and there is a dried up total meat one called CATSWELL they are not too bad for price.. and Halo as someone mentioned. Core does not make treats to my knowledge.. you could take PURE chicken breast in a george forman and overcook it.. or an oven.. and dry out TINY bits.. and us that.. you could get a TON of treats in just 1 chicken breast :) just a thought.. I've only tried the ZUKES so far.. VERY good.. :) Bella
  • Heidi WeaverHeidi Weaver Living in VA; home ArkansasMember Posts: 73
    edited 31 October, 2008
    Rosie, Just found this ... TONS of stores that carry Zukes in Seattle.. here's your store locator if you wish :)
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 31 October, 2008
    I love: Real Food Toppers in chicken and salmon Poultry Crispies in chicken and turkey ;c;
  • Juanita JamesJuanita James DallasMember Posts: 76
    edited 2 November, 2008
    Me and my sister Precious go bananas for Ziwi Peak treats and a treat by Raw advantage called Uphaus;c;
  • Tarra KampTarra Kamp Grand Rapids, MIMember Posts: 1
    edited 11 December, 2008
    I really LOVE Friskies Party Mix and Feline Greenies.
  • Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
    edited 11 December, 2008
    Halo Liv a Littles freezed dried chicken treats (100% chicken) Halo Liv a Littles freezed dried salmon treats (100% salmon) Mommy buys them at Whole Foods or the pet store she shops at called Cutter\'s Mill. They\'re popular and the stores are always running out of them, so she also orders them online from Vitamin Shoppe or (although you can buy them online from other places for less money). And of course there\'s Greenies! I LOVE Greenies and am a total Greenies addict. Mommy won\'t give them to me much anymore because all I want to eat are Greenies and then I don\'t want to eat my regular food.
  • Jen SchmidtJen Schmidt MinneapolisMember Posts: 48
    edited 11 December, 2008
    We only eat Greenies for treats. Mom's tried a few other really good treats (even bonito flakes and krill), but Kylie and I turned our nose up at them. We like to frustrate mom! :))!
  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 21 December, 2008
    I just won't eat any healthy treats. Mom buys me treats that are just dried fish or other all natural treats that will help me teeth or coat, but I just won't eat them. What are the best healthy treats that other kitties really love? Tiger
  • J- SandersJ- Sanders Member Posts: 6
    edited 22 December, 2008
    My favorite treats are the fresh Beef Jerky and Hawaiian Pacific Blue Marlin Jerky from Hawaii. You can get it from I\'m in the kitchen every time someone goes in there begging for more.
  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 24 December, 2008
    Thank you! I'll have to try that!
  • Carolyn SmithCarolyn Smith GrapevineMember Posts: 31
    edited 25 December, 2008
    My sister and I LOVE the Whisker Lickins treats. I could eat those all day if my mom would let me.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 25 December, 2008
    We're Whisker Lickins and Temptations junkies, too. :r Since a recent illness has meant that I have to take pills twice a day, and mom always gives positive reinforcement for taking medicine with treats, she started looking for something healthier. So lately I've been getting Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best for Cats treats twice a day. The main ingredient is chicken liver and they are yummy! And since I've started eating those treats, my coat has gotten silky and the mats and dandruff I was getting are gone!|^|
  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 27 December, 2008
    whisker lickins are healthy? we love those. mommy is always trying to give us all-natural dried fish treats, and we don't like those. Tiger and Kali
  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 30 December, 2008
    Mommy went to PetSmart and read all the labels on all the foods and treats. She decided to just buy a bag of Blue Wilderness and has been putting out a small bowl for each of us to munch on. She's hoping that buy having it in the treat bowls, we will get used to it and we can switch over to that. Science Diet has made us look pretty, but it is just like if mommy ate cereal, bread, and pasta all the time and never any meat. She'd get puffy and have no energy. Plus the fishy (but not unpleasant) smell of the Blue Wilderness is very yummy to us. We dig it! Tiger
  • cindy wcindy w austinMember Posts: 95
    edited 3 January, 2009
    as kc sunshine recommended, halo liv a littles freeze dried chicken treats. your cats will thank me!! out of my 4 cats, one likes bonito flakes two like wellness treats one like ziwipeaks ALL FOUR LOOOOOOVE HALO CHICKEN TREATS (they wouldn't touch the salmon flavor).. i sprinkle it on top of their healthy food and they gobble it up. seriously, they'd eat cardboad if i sprinkled this stuff on top. whole foods, petco, it's not cheap but 100% healthy (only chicken) and they looooooove it!
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