Which water station??

chelsey leehychelsey leehy lindstromMember Posts: 12
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Eskimo refuses to drink from a bowl the only thing he drinks from is the toilet, which id rather he not. I was thinking of getting Esko and ziggy one of those filtering water bowls. Id also like to increase his water in-take, he does not drink that much. Ziggy has no problem with getting enough fluid. I was wondering what everyone thought of the differnts ones. I was thinking of getting a Drinkwell, petmate or the catit. Any suggestions or comments on them?


  • Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
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    We had a catit and currently have a petmate. The catit i lost interest in after a few days, and jewel never really liked it. The petmate i like sometimes. I prefer to drink from the bathroom faucet which mom and dad arent thrilled with. My favorite non faucet to drink from is an auto waterer that mom got at DollarGeneral. Shes seen them at Walmart and Wegmans too. It has no filters in it but if mom puts it up on a little table for me i will drink for minutes and minutes at a time and so will jewel! Mom used the plastic shelves that were in her closet that were stackable and took them apart to make 3 "tables" for us. Here is my mom to give some more advice Catit - the dome no matter what i tried i could not get the water to flow evenly over. Wherever the water wasnt flowing the dome would get kind of skummy and with all the crevices in the bowl part i was constantly scrubbing clean. I think part of the problem is we have slightly hard water so it got stains on it pretty quick. PetMate - Harley seems to like it but he will only drink it from the very top where it starts pouring down the ramp, he doesnt like drinking from the bowl part. as for the Auto Waterer its the kind with no filters, no pump, no plugs etc. They come in all different sizes. and are usually under 5 bucks. Both cats seem to like these the best - IF they arent on the floor. We are guessing because if they are off the floor there is less cat hair and dust that accumulates on it. This would also explain why Harley only drinks from the top of the PetMate. However harley also loves to stick his paws in the water and then clean his face so i usually have to dump out the bowl part every other day ( the top part holding the water is still ok) or i do it whenever i notice cat hair or whatever else harley tracked into it floating around
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