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Very Confused Mommy

Denise SDenise S Member Posts: 54
edited 15 November, 2008 in Food & Nutrition
Hello, We've been trying to figure out how much to feed 4lbs 4 month old Jixie. I bought the Wellness Core brand for Jixie yesterday and on the bag, it says 1/2 cup of dry core and a 3oz can of wet Wellness for her age. I was feeding her a little less than that before (about 1/3 cup dry food and split the 3oz) and there was feedback that said that was too little. Yesterday, I gave her a full 3oz in the am of Wellness AM and she ate that. I left about 1/3 dry for her which she ate almost all of it by the time I got home. When I gave her another full can she had a little bit and left it alone. I put a half back in the refridge and left the rest out. She didn't eat the rest. It was also chicken and I don't think that is her favorite. This morning I gave her a full 3oz can again, and she's eaten about half of that.. She'll probably graze on the rest later... I just want to ensure I am giving her enough for a growing kitten but I don't want to train her to eat a ton... We'd love to hear what you think.. Jixie and Denise


  • Stephanie ChangtuStephanie Changtu MiamiMember Posts: 1,175
    edited 11 November, 2008
    Never, Never should you feed what the food recomends.
  • Sherry StoneSherry Stone Member Posts: 526
    edited 11 November, 2008
    Since she is young yet, and still growing, I'd give her whatever she'll eat. At that age, she'll still be going through growth spurts, and some days she'll eat a lot more, others, less.
  • Denise SDenise S Member Posts: 54
    edited 11 November, 2008
    Meow Zaphod and Watson! Thanks for the information. We\'re sorting it out although my eating pattern has changed and I didn\'t eat as much today. A full 3 oz this morning and I\'m just grazing on the mixed Pro Purina and Wellness Core. I just had a little Chicken and Lobster. About a quarter of a 3oz can. One step at the time but thanks for the feedback. We both really appreciate it.:)
  • Elease KruegerElease Krueger Member Posts: 483
    edited 12 November, 2008
    Until kittens are about a year old (varies from kitten to kitten), they pretty much eat a TON, or what seems like a ton for how tiny they are!! :)) Don't worry about that, since kittens are so active and growing, you don't have to worry about them over eating. Its not until they're older that you have to start portioning out food. If i were you, i'd keep giving her the wet like you are, and just free feed dry until she gets a little older. That way she can eat more or less in a day as she needs it. by the way, you are very cute!! :)
  • Denise SDenise S Member Posts: 54
    edited 12 November, 2008
    Meow Nayru! Thanks for the advice. Mommy and I appreciate it alot. You've got the coolest face and you're cute too. I love the picture of you where you're showing us your fangs and it looks like you're smiling too. You should win some kind of award for that. See you around.. Jixie
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
    edited 14 November, 2008
    Mom has never portioned our food, just let us graze. And yes, we're a little fat, but not much. (When she switches us to raw she'll have to portion it out.) Point being, go by what kitty wants and judge the amount by her condition. If she looks good, it's right! And kittens always have that adorable little round tum!
  • Denise SDenise S Member Posts: 54
    edited 15 November, 2008
    Meow Frodo! Thanks for the advice... Eating is going much better for me. I'm getting a 3 oz can in the AM (5ish) and in the evening (5ish). I graze on Wellness Core during the day. Mommy's not able to be there during the day to monitor if I need more so she leaves some dry for me. I think I'm getting what I need now. All that helped me, :h:.. You're the best! Purrs.. Jixie;)
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 15 November, 2008
    Jixie just make sure you start counting calories when you hit 8 months old, or you will get one fat kitty.:))
  • Denise SDenise S Member Posts: 54
    edited 15 November, 2008
    Meow Shadow, 8 months huh... I'll be sure to do that... My mommy bought those books that you mentioned. She's getting cat smarter by the minute. Thanks for all your help. Jixie
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