Name your BEST friends here!

Dawn WalkerDawn Walker Quispamsis, Saint JohnMember Posts: 3,946
edited 15 December, 2008 in Catster Crushes
well, this all started on Dogster. but im gonna make it a little more interesting, on dogster, you just name them, but here, you name them AND write about what you like about them ;) Like this: here are my BEST BEST BEST friends. (in NO order) Socks: Socks is a very very kind friend, he was one of my first friends here on Catster, and is DEFINITELY one of my besties. now and FOREVER! I couldnt live without you! all of u! Sergei: Sergei, what can I say, hes sweet, kind, and one of my other best pals! hes so nice to me, just like ALL of my pals. and IS one of my bests! very fun talkin to him too! Patches: Patches is hilarious! Very nice too! and kind, but, poor girl thinks smurfs are white with polka dots :)) shes still one of my favs! Miss Cherry: Is one of my bests! so nice, and, our dog family is GREAT friends, and, the pup in my family is the dog in hers family is her adopted daughter;) Cherry is an ALL AROUND great kitty! Endora: "Dorry" is really fun to talk to, funny, sweet, and kind! she makes me laugh, we like to tell each other secrets we have never told anyone before! she is definitely one of my BFF'S!:) Love you guys |:| ~Snow. Sooooooo. post away kitties!


  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 6 December, 2008
    Sergei... uhh... < /3 That's it I guess. :))! Sergei is awesome, never an awkward moment with him. He's awesome to talk with, always very supportive in everything, and just a great all around pal. (:
  • katina azurekatina azure BelcourtMember Posts: 1,071
    edited 8 December, 2008
    Well I don't really have much friends so... yeah none to speak of. :?
  • Lauren Di GiorgioLauren Di Giorgio Somewhere over the rainbowMember Posts: 11,617
    edited 9 December, 2008
    What can I say? My best friends are the same Snow mentioned. BFFL. Love you, you guys. < 3
  • Olja AvlijasOlja Avlijas Belgrade, SerbiaMember Posts: 1,991
    edited 9 December, 2008
    Hmmm, i made a diary entry about my best catster friends few weeks ago or less, so if ya wanna know just read it. Oh, and Starlight, you don\'t know if i\'m your best friend?? ;);) Well, i know that you deserve a special place in my \"Friends place\"!!:D|:| (sweet, kind, always makes me laugh - i just love her!!)
  • Kaye BradyKaye Brady Garner NCMember Posts: 41,548
    edited 9 December, 2008
    Yeppers, Snow just laid em all out...hugs and purrs to all of ya! and smurfs are white with polka dots! :)):)):)) Jake dude, want some tuna, we always have some around here somewhere...*digs thru the pantry tossing cans around, stands up holding a can* ya go =;
  • katina azurekatina azure BelcourtMember Posts: 1,071
    edited 11 December, 2008
    Thanks Patches. *takes tuna and takes bite* mmm ~a~
  • Lucy MildridLucy Mildrid SadievilleMember Posts: 8,596
    edited 13 December, 2008
    Oh no, Sergei :))! When I said.. "Sergei... uhh.. < /3 That's it I guess. :))! " I meant you are the ony best friend I have. :))! Kind of sad. Not that you are my best friend, but because you're the only one I have. XD Anyways, you equal up to about 5000 :]] |:||:|
  • Olja AvlijasOlja Avlijas Belgrade, SerbiaMember Posts: 1,991
    edited 15 December, 2008
    :)):))Glad we\'ve resolved that up...;) Just jocking :D:D |:||:|
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