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Shaved cats act hostile towards each other?

Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson MonroeMember Posts: 21
edited 18 December, 2008 in Behavior & Training
Yeah, I know this is going to cause a stir, but I shaved me cats. They had gotten fleas, and a simple bath and frontilne didn't work b/c the fleas were hiding in the thick hairs! Anyways, since I shaved them they have begun hissing at each other, and are very jumpy! Why is this? They are buddies, so they don't normally hiss at each other, or smack at each other! ( oh and yes, the fleas are gone!) It seems they have calmed down now, but at first I had to set up a separate food bowl b/c Nero was chasing Taffy away from the food! Can you tell me, was it just nerves?


  • Cathy ZCathy Z St LouisMember Posts: 2,511
    edited 16 December, 2008
    Hi Taffy! Not only do your shaved cats look so different shaved, they also smell different from the vet or groomer you took them to. So naturally they think that they are \"new\" kitties. Don\'t fret, it takes a day or two but they get back to norm. Years ago I had a himalayan cat who\'s fur was so thick that she matted almost daily so I kept her shaved. I did it once a year in the summer and she loved it! Every time she got back from the groomer, she got kittenitis ... active and playful. The short haired cat took a day to get use to it and they got back to sleeping together.
  • Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson MonroeMember Posts: 21
    edited 17 December, 2008
    Thanks! Yeah, they do seem a little better, but they still are a bit funny around their food bowl.... And I didn't take them to a groomer, I clipped them myself! They were in the same room with each other while it was being done also! I kind of suspected that it was b/c of the way each of them looks so different, and I did give them a bath after, stripping them of their scents!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    edited 17 December, 2008
    Don\'t feel guilty for what you did. I considered it with Delilah this summer. She is a long-haired black kitty and she was so matted I was afraid she would develop skin problems because of them. She\'s not a real congenial diva when she\'s brushed, so to have extended daily grooming sessions with her to get out the mats was impossible. My groomer didn\'t shave her but thinned out her fur so well that now, six months after her grooming, she\'s still in pretty good shape! Cats don\'t like to have their routines disrupted, and the length of your grooming session including the scent removing baths, may have weirded them out just a bit. Try rubbing them with dryer sheets or putting a drop of vanilla on their foreheads to make them smell the same.
  • Stephanie DejanStephanie Dejan Des PlainesMember Posts: 4,239
    edited 17 December, 2008
    I've heard a drop of vanilla extract on their heads helps for everyone to smell the same and be less afraid/aggressive. Haven't tried it, but I did hear it from multiple sources.
  • Cathy ZCathy Z St LouisMember Posts: 2,511
    edited 18 December, 2008
    Wow, I never heard of putting a drop of vanilla extract on them and what a wonderful idea! My once a year shaved himalayn pasted away 8 years ago and I no longer take cats to the groomer. Maggie seems to never need grooming. Her fur is so soft and I only brush her daily because she loves it. Hope your kitties get over the food hassle. Did you try seperate bowls next to each other for a couple days? Might work....
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