Please help my friend w/ a question- Cat peeing in sink???

Jessica BlumenthalJessica Blumenthal Member Posts: 56
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hi- writing on behalf of my friend lava here. she was just adopted about a month ago, a 2 yr. old spayed female. lovely calico- everything has been GREAT with her new home except that recently, she's been peeing in the sink! she actually uses the litterbox for poop though. this is making her mom so sad and confused (though i think it's good that she's not peeing elsewhere!) any thoughts? she uses a mix of the crystals and clay. i think her litterbox is covered, and i know a lot of cats don't like that. i just didn't want to suggest too many changes at once, i know that can be a bad thing. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Well, cats usually stop using the litter box for two reasons. One is stress and the other is a medical reason. Your friend should take Lava to the vet\'s for a simple urine culture. Most vets don\'t check for bladder infections when they do a \"well-kitty\" exam. If it hurts Lava to pee in the box, then she will associate the box with pain and won\'t use it to pee. In addition, from personal experience, I know my cats don\'t like the crystals. They like the clumpy-stuff. I use Scoop Away for multiple cats. I\'ve had 5 cats use this and none disliked it. Also, my little old man, the late Shizzie, HATED a covered box. Once I uncovered it, he was fine. The sink is probably the closest thing to a litter box that Lava can find. (I don\'t mean to sound like a smarty pants, but it\'s better than the rug or your friend\'s bed...:-O) If Lava has brufurs or sisfur kitties at home, does your friend know they all need their own box? Most cats don\'t want to go in another cat\'s mess. First, have Lava go the the doctor\'s for a urine culture. If that\'s OK, then have your friend put litter boxes around the house, even in the kitchen if she can stand one in there, so that Lava won\'t have to look for one when she has to pee. If her main litter box is in a high-traffic area, she may not want to use it and be on \"display\" or in the middle of a crowd when she goes to pee. Cats prefer to use a litter box and don\'t use things like the sink because they want to. They are just confused.
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