If your mom could get another cat...



  • Allison Tuthill GaulAllison Tuthill Gaul Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 168
    edited 21 December, 2008
    I am 13 lbs and have the longest torso my mom and dad have ever seen on a cat. I am a good kitty and don't claw the furniture except when I occasionally forget. I use my extra tall scratching post. When I do forget, mom tells me no and I stop. I'm very obedient. I have all my claws at full length and I can put the hurting on someone. I'm incredibly muscular and my shoulders are wider then my tummy, back and butt. I'd hurt another kitty if mommy got one. I know she really wishes she could have more kitties. Mommy loves looking around and seeing kitties lounging around. She loves all the poor sweet older cats at the shelter who need homes and are hard to adopt but she knows I wouldn't stand for it. I only accepted Kali b/c she was sick and pitiful and too ignorant to groom herself. Plus she is persistent and she kept trying to snuggle and kiss me. I finally had to give in and love her. I wouldn't do that for another cat, particularly for an older cat. I'm only 2 or 3 and most of the older kitties who are so sweet and need homes are more like 4-5. When mommy has extra time, she visits the shelter to snuggle kitties and give them love. She always visits the kitties at Pet Smart when she goes to get our food and kitty litter. But I make sure mommy gets all the love and companionship that 10 cats could give her. I follow her from room to room, up and down the steps, and I hang out when she is watching t.v. and snuggle her. I sleep attached to her. I sit in her lap when she's on the computer or grading papers late at night. I made sure that mommy is never alone when she's at home. When I got up to the bed and sleep and wait for mommy to come to bed or when it's my nap time, Kali keeps my mommy company. We love our mommy so much, it's no wonder she loves us to much, too. Tiger
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