The sink is not a toilet!

Maizy LynnetteMaizy Lynnette Member Posts: 5
edited 24 December, 2008 in Behavior & Training
Cheeb is very intelligent... so she's discovered that she can pee in the sink. At first we were glad she found that solution for emergencies when nobody is home to let her outside. Now that it's cold outside, she always wants to use the sink. I've started closing the bathroom door so she meows at it instead of the regular door when she needs to potty. She won't let herself be caught so that we can throw her outside. She runs under the table or something. My mom is against having a litter box in the house (again) so I don't know what to do.


  • Thea PowellThea Powell Member Posts: 852
    edited 23 December, 2008
    Hi Cheebe, Have you tried to fill the sink ith water when you are not there? The other thing you may want to try is to be trianed to use the toilet. Let us know what happens
  • Natalie ShampayNatalie Shampay ConcordMember Posts: 79
    edited 23 December, 2008
    Hi Cheeb, Try laying down tinfoil around the counter where the sink is. Cat's(And Me...) hate the noise. You could try toilet-training, But it's not easy. My Cat "The" Shmerg is toilet trained. Exept- She trained herself. She's also very intelligent. |bb|
  • michele guerreromichele guerrero Member Posts: 162
    edited 23 December, 2008
    you can toilet train a cat? for real?
  • Kara DickmanKara Dickman Middle of No WhereMember Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
    edited 23 December, 2008
    Cats can be trained to use the toilet. Any cat that has figured out they can use the sink or tub is a good candidate. I would dump some cheap body spray (no citrus) down the sink and toilet. That way they smell the same. Also, when she pees in the sink show her the toilet instead....
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    edited 24 December, 2008
    All the other posters have good advice. I\'ve had cats who use the bathtub when their litter boxes are not clean enough for their liking. This means that THEY have trained ME to keep their litter boxes clean. MOL. I think that cats like the fact that the sink and tub are clean and smooth; also, their excrement is likely to get washed away very quickly when discovered by a human, so that there\'s always going to be a clean spot for them to use again. Anyway, personally I would urge you to persuade your mother to let you have a litter box in the house. If you have only one cat, you can keep it basically odor-free, and I\'d think she\'d prefer your kitty using a litter box than the sink. Also, I\'d recommend that you make your cat an indoor kitty. I don\'t know where you live, but indoor/outdoor cats anywhere are in danger of getting run over by cars, kidnapped and tortured by sadists, eating poisonous substances, and catching icky diseases (including feline AIDS and feline leukemia virus) from other cats. Broken bones and icky diseases mean expensive vet bills--maybe you can use that argument to convince your mother. It might be hard to convince your cat to live indoors exclusively, and it could be a challenge to teach an older cat to use a litter box, but with patience, neither should be impossible. Do consider making your cat an indoor cat--that\'s the single most important factor in prolonging your cat\'s life.
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