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Marlene PartlowMarlene Partlow JamestownMember Posts: 33
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Hello~ This is Cuddles Mommy here & I have a problem I need help with ASAP! We have 10 cats ranging in age from 6 months to 13 1/2 years. Recently, we remodeled our home. The old living room is now my daughters bedroom. We have never had a problem with any cat urinating or pooping in that room (except for an occassional accident) bu now 1 of them is going in the same spot every day! Also, someone is peeing on my daughters clothes! I keep the litter boxes clean, sifting them no less than 4 times a day. Another of the changes made was that 1 of our cats (Purrsley) has moved to a new home due to fighting (she is now in a home alone, and she is doing GREAT!) Well, during the remodeling process, a cat wandered into our home & has never left. We live in a very small town & no one has claimed her, even though she is VERY sweet and seems to be litter box trained. My thinking is this: either it is the new cat, or another cat reacting to her, or the change of rooms. I have sprayed & sprayed the spot & even tried blocking it, and no luck! I am at my wits end! I love my cats more than anything but even I am fed up! My husband loves the cats, too, and he's the one that let the new cat stay. He doesn't want our house to smell like u-know-what, so we need a solution! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! THANKS! :-#


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    I\'d be willing to bet that one of your resident cats is \"marking\" its territory, especially if the new cat is sleeping on your daughter\'s clothing or wherever else the resident kitty is peeing. If you\'re washing the pee stains and not using an enzymatic cleaner like Simple Solution or Nature\'s Miracle, you aren\'t getting rid of the smell and that\'s why the resident kitty is returning to it. If new kitty isn\'t spayed, that could be another reason why. Also. some cats are stressed out by \"crowds\" and one of your cats may have decided that the new kitty is just one too much.
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    Hello Izzi~ Thank you for the advice. Some of it makes sense, but some things I am not sure about so maybe there is a reason for that, too. The new cat only seems to fight with one other cat. It is a female, the youngest one. I am wondering if 1 of our 2 males are spraying but the one male hangs out with the newby quite a bit. The other male is hardly ever out in the room (he is the quiet-type.) I am finding more & more places where they are peeing, and I actually caught one in the act last night. I am using a product called Urine-Off. I just got done cleaning the ENTIRE area with my Swiffer so I hope they will avoid that area......but then where will they go? LOL I don't want to throw out the newby because she is SO sweet.......and it is below freezing outside! Anyways, thanks again. I am just going to have to try & clean up whenever they do it, and hope I got it clean enough.........
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